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   Chapter 29 No.29

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5129

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"That's because most of the people making power modules are sucky quitters who give up on something after it blows a hand off once or twice."

"Sounds like a good policy to me."

"And that's why you've never invented anything worthwhile."

"It's also why both of my hands are still made of meat."

"I fail to see the allure. . . You know what?" he asked, a look of dawning realization on his face. "You and I have almost opposite points of view."

"It certainly seems that way."

"This is good. This is an opportunity. Hang on a second."

Karter paced over to the edge of the room and pulled out something that looked like a hat rack on wheels. He lined it up in front of the module he was working on, hung a tool bag on it, then disconnected his arm and attached it to a similar socket on the stand. The whole process was as smooth and practiced as tying a pair of shoes. The arm flexed and tested its motion a bit, then grabbed something out of the bag and went to work.

"There. Now, you're probably not going to meet this delivery deadline, or whatever. And that's your job, so probably you're going to get fired. Which means you're going to need money, right?"

"If I get a move on soon--"

"And you won't, so you're going to need money, right?"

"What are you getting at?" Lex growled.

"Follow me. I'm gonna show you some stuff I'm working on. The stuff I hit a wall with. The way I figure it, since your brain is orthogonal to mine, you might have the right perspective to get me unstuck. You focus-group so

ose fuel cells with battery backup. That way I don't have to worry about running wires and charging things and what not, but it wreaks havoc with my blood sugar if I try anything fancy. And if I don't remember to pump the blood back out of the limb before I remove it, I start to get a little woozy. Gotta work on that."

The elevator gave a pathetic little plink and the doors opened. Immediately, Lex was hit by a number of things. For one, this area was much less antiseptic and lifeless than the rest of the facility. It was subtle, but there was a disorganization, a lived-in quality, that indicated this was where he spent most of his time. Another interesting aspect was the almost museum-like presentation. The hall that greeted him was just as wide as those on the first floor, and was likewise lined with doors and display windows, but each one bore a lighted and labeled shelf. The shelves held rough, homemade-looking devices, surrounded with images, schematics, warnings, and manuals, all written in pencil.

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