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   Chapter 28 No.28

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4764

Updated: 2018-01-19 12:02

"Well, let me ask you this. As a man who is familiar with serious injury, " Lex said, limping over to Karter's side of the table, "what do you think about this one?"

He peeled off the tape and opened up the torn leg of his flight suit, revealing gash in his thigh. Karter eyed it critically.

"Hmm. Yeah. That looks pretty bad."

"It does, " Lex agreed, slightly nauseated by the growing bruise and the depth of the cut.

"Yeah. You're gonna need new pantyhose."


"I'll bet your ovaries hurt, too."

Lex narrowed his eyes and sneered.

"Fine, I'm a woman. But if I get an infection and die, you're going to have to deal with that, aren't you?"

"You aren't going to die, " Karter said dismissively, "but if you're going to get your panties all in a bunch, we'll fix it up."

"Good. So there's a doctor or some--"

"Ma!" Karter yelled suddenly toward the ceiling.

Lex flinched at the sudden sound. "Your mother is here?"

"What? No."

"Please state request, " echoed the computer's voices over the cafeteria's speakers.

"You named the computer 'Ma'?" Lex whispered.

"Please do not speak about me like I am not here, " the voice reprimanded.

"Ma, pansy here needs medical assistance for his boo-boo, " Karter jabbed.

"Processing. . . Processing. . ."

"What's taking so long?" Lex whispered even more quietly.

"She's trying to decide if she wants to help you or not. And she c

uld afford it. If he'd managed to wreck during his fifteen minutes of fame, he might have gotten that treatment. Everyone else made do with more traditional recovery times. He glanced up from admiring the remarkable recovery to find that Karter was already on his way out of the cafeteria. Lex jogged to catch up.

Good heavens, he could jog already.

"That was incredible. Did you make that?" he asked.

"The medical probe? Hold on."

He stood still for a moment, eyes moving as if he was reading.

"I've agreed not to disclose that information for another three years, " he said.

"Isn't that just a yes?"

"It is a contractually obligated 'No Comment, '" he corrected, swinging toward workshop F again and stepping inside.

He picked up the auto-spanner, powered up the piece of machinery, and set to work on it again.

"You called this a class A power module? You meant D, right? Class A modules would take up this whole room."

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