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   Chapter 16 No.16

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5453

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Lex had a policy to make himself known as a big tipper in places like this. He knew it might eventually come in handy.

He made the customary trip to the restroom, which turned out to be filthy enough to make the turd burner downright attractive by comparison. From there, he made his way to the docking bay. He tossed the attendant some money for fuel and climbed back inside. The message from NixMix had come in only twenty minutes before he'd arrived. It was probably a safe bet he could get her if he tried. After a few moments of considering it, he shrugged and pulled up the contact info. The connection negotiated for a few seconds, and he was connected. This time it was a video feed that answered.

She was a woman in her late twenties, hair streaked with hot pink highlights. A stud graced one nostril, and a handful of rings perforated one ear. Her clothes ran the gamut from black leather to pink vinyl to white latex, along with virtually every other material but cloth. It was all layered over each other in haphazard flaps and pleats and held on with too many buckles and zippers. The overall effect was hideous and unusual, standard uniform of the pathological non-conformist. She was slightly overweight and, from the looks of it, very pissed.

"Oh, you, " Lex said flatly.

Evidently NixMix66Six was Michella's older sister Nicole. In most families, it was the youngest or the middle child that was the rebel. In the Modane clan, it was the oldest. Nicole was the kind of person who spent most of a given conversation trying to convince her partner why their every action was the result of brainwashing by a fe

get himself killed. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything to remind him to do things he wasn't supposed to do.

Every ship was required, by law, to have a transponder broadcasting a unique identifier. It gave rescue crews something to home in on if the ship ended up adrift and radio-silent. It also gave the authorities something to track. Thus it was a handy thing to turn off if a ship was going to be doing something of questionable legality. But with no useful reminders, and an awful lot on his mind, Lex forgot to reach under the dash and do the magic knock that would switch it off.

And so Lex streaked off into the black depths of space, his transponder blaring his location out loud and clear.

Chapter 5

The sprint was supposed to be a nine-hour stretch, so Lex had set his alarm and decided to catch up on his sleep. Just under eight hours later, a loud beeping noise jarred him awake. It wasn't the alarm. At least, not the one he'd set. Most of the things sensors relied upon were far too slow to do any good when a ship was moving faster than the speed of light.

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