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   Chapter 15 No.15

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5509

Updated: 2018-01-19 12:02

"Find him. Get it back. This doesn't get any further. Not now."

"What about her?"

"If she sprung one leak, she can spring another. We can't have that. Take care of it."

"What level of authorization do I have in this matter?"

"Take. Care. Of. It."


The communication was severed. Fisk pulled away from the pylon and pulled up his surveillance notes. His primary target had a short trip to a neighboring star system planned that day on a commuter shuttle. That would be simple enough. Some collateral damage, but no trail to follow. As for his new secondary target, the freelancer. . . that might require a more personal approach.


Seven hours, forty winks, and twelve thousand colored bricks later, the view outside the window made the slide back toward red and into visibility. It wasn't the destination. That would be the better part of a week and a few dozen jumps away. This was just the interstellar equivalent of a strip mall, close enough to a VectorCorp route that even a damaged ship could limp to it from there, but far enough that there was no chance of being forced to pay licensing fees. Lex liked to make at least one or two stops in a place like this along the way. They had real bathrooms and real food. The same could not be said of his ship, which made do with. . . substitutes.

The bathroom was replaced with a bedpan-sized contraption officially called a waste reprocessor, but more familiarly dubbed a turd burner. It converted human byproduct into a chemically pure compound that could be dropped off for processing into explosives or fertilizer or some such. More importantly, it didn't s

dits were in his account, he looked at the notification bar. It was mostly increasingly angry bill collectors, but one message was from someone with the screen name NixMix66Six. He tapped it, expecting spam.

"Trevor, get back to me."

It was a voice-only message, but the voice was vaguely familiar and conjured a fairly specific image. It was the clipped, nasally voice of a woman who thought a lot more of herself than anyone else did. Normally, Lex didn't want to deal with those types. His agent had been one. His lawyer had been one. Neither had served him particularly well when the going got rough. But she'd called him Trevor. People who wanted money or to put him in jail called him Mr. Alexander. Most everyone else called him Lex or T-Lex. The only people who called him by his first name were those who knew him through family or Michella.

"Six eighty-five, " said the lady behind the counter, as he walked past.

"Hey, so you can speak, " Lex quipped, sweeping his pad over the paypad built into the counter, "We'll call it an even thousand. Remember me next time, will you?"

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