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   Chapter 11 No.11

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5880

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This was always the trickiest part. Some people wanted a private courier because they could not afford VectorCorp. Clearly this woman was interested in the privacy angle. That meant he could charge a premium. He had to select a price that would cover his expenses with enough headroom to at least get him back into his apartment and cover the bills until his next legitimate paycheck, but not so much that it would scare her away. A number formed in his head.

"I can give you 1.5 million credits. The first half-million right now and the remainder will be provided by the recipient upon delivery, " she said quickly.

"That will do."

Her offer was at least triple what he normally charged for a high security job like this, and more than double what he'd been thinking of asking. It was all he could do to keep the smile off of his face.

"Excellent. Here is the package, " she said, handing him the case and fishing out a large envelope bulging at the bottom. "This is your first payment. The full delivery details are inside. Please, hurry."

She lingered for a moment, looking for the life of her like she'd just handed over her first-born. Lex marched away, leaving his bike where it was. His client seemed skittish enough as it was. The visual of him taking off on the same sort of vehicle a pizza boy might use would probably make her think twice about her decision to trust him.

When she decided to move, she moved quickly, looking furtively in both directions before disappearing out of a different door than she'd entered. After a long enough delay, to be sure she wasn't watching, he pulled down his bike and piloted out over the city.

If he was going to make it to Tessera V in six days without drawing too much attention, he was going

oil, then the doors closed and sealed. A control panel on the door worked its way through a sequence of safety checks. Air pressure: Nominal. Tether Integrity: Nominal. Power Integrity: Nominal. Inertial Inhibitor: Active. A pair of heavy-duty electric motors whined with effort and the tram began to accelerate upward.

If he were a first-timer, he would have been awed by the speed of it. The various floors of the maintenance building shot by in a blur of stone and metal, and then the ground was dropping away as though gravity had decided to reverse and he was now falling upward. The acceleration should have been enough to pin him painfully to the floor, but the very same thing that made the limo stunt survivable was at work here as well, doing the job it was actually invented to do. Through the sort of complex quantum physics that a science geek would spend three hours gushing over and the average person would write off as magic, a field generator inside the tram canceled out the excess acceleration, keeping the ride at a rock steady 1 G. Without it, the whole ride would either be much slower, much less comfortable, or likely a combination of the two.

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