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   Chapter 10 No.10

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4966

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At precisely 12:01, an anxious-looking young woman started to make her way up the path from the entrance. He stepped into the circle of light below a lamppost, waved a gloved hand to get her attention, then stepped back into the shadows. She was like something out of a film noir classic: long white coat, matching wide brimmed hat, conspicuous brushed metal case about the size of thin stack of file folders. It was difficult to tell exactly what she looked like--the informant outfit doing an excellent job of masking her features--but she was tall and slender. The nervous energy showed in her walk, brisk and stiff. She arrived, carefully avoiding the light, and joined Lex in the shadows.

"You are the, ah, the courier?" she asked anxiously.

She had a plain face and mousy brown hair pulled back. Up close, he could see that she was perhaps an inch taller than him, and rail-thin. There was something about her that made it seem like she ought to be wearing glasses, but wasn't. Her voice was shaky but precise, wringing every ounce of pronunciation out of the word "courier." Everything about her screamed "academic, " as though she were a professor or librarian at a masquerade party. This clearly wasn't something that she was comfortable doing, but she was trying her very best to play the role. She cast a wary glance up and down his wardrobe.

Lex straightened his tie. "I had a prior engagement. This is the package, I presume?"

"Yes, yes. I need this delivered, but

e maximum time and adding a reasonable buffer.

"To keep myself out of VectorCorp's patrol space the whole way? Eight days."

She chewed her lip for a moment. The time worried her. And not just the time. She was practically trembling, the case and purse clutched tightly in her hands. This was something serious, something that had her on edge. It was clear that the cloak and dagger stuff wasn't just for show to her. She really thought it was necessary.

"I might be able to squeeze a bit more speed out of the old ship if I tune it a bit first. I could do it in six, " Lex offered.

There went that buffer. Clearly he'd made an impression, though. A whisper of tension was relieved, and she allowed herself a shaky sigh.

"As long as you are sure you can make it there."

"I assure you, " he said, placing a hand on her shoulder, "your package will be delivered safely and secretly. You don't have to worry about it. I don't fail at this sort of thing. Now, as for the fee."

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