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   Chapter 9 No.9

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5455

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"Wow. Look at that. Am I gonna be in the broadcast?"

She sighed heavily.

"Who's that man with you, Trev?" she asked flatly.

"Uh, that's. . . Oh. . ."

More memories came flooding back. Not good ones. Michella had stood by him when he started slipping into debt. She'd even stood by him when he was found out for throwing the race. The last straw had been when she found out why. Everything else she could put aside, but the moment she heard that mobsters were involved, she'd exploded. And now there he was, the frame frozen in the corner of the screen showing him with--

"Nicholas 'Nicky the Diamond' Patel!" she hissed.

"It's Diamond Nick, actually, " he blurted stupidly.

"Oh, well, excuse me. I'm not one of his lackeys."

"Hey, hey. It isn't like that. He hired the limo. He was just a client."

"Oh, yeah, then what's this?"

The video flipped forward a few more frames, to the point where the tip was delivered. She then zoomed in on the exchange, blowing up the video enough to clearly make out all six chips, and even read the denomination on the top one. Damn high-resolution cameras.

"It wasn't. . . I didn't do anything illegal for him. Well. . . not mobster illegal. I just got him to the starport quick. That's it!"

"That is it, Trevor. I. . . I'd been keeping an eye on you, you know. It looked like I might have been wrong. I wanted to be wrong, you know? The limo thing. The delivery boy thing on the side. Decent, legitimate work. I thought you'd changed." She faltered, the tears showing in her voice before they showed in her eyes. "Goodbye, Trevor. Don't call me again."

The trans

tle of the number one brand, Sobrietin (no sense taking chances), along with a bottle of water and a comb for one of his chips. Once it kicked in enough for his usual level of ridership to be something less than suicide, he set off for the rendezvous.

He touched down in Twilight Park with a few minutes to spare. It was a fairly nice park, with expertly mowed grass, neat rows of trees, quaint benches, and a playground. All in all, it was nothing remarkable, except that it was two hundred stories off the ground, situated on a terrace of a three-hundred story residential building. They called it Twilight Park because the combination of nearby buildings and overhanging balconies meant that it only got direct sun just as the day was coming to an end. Lex picked an out of the way spot that would give him a decent view of anyone who came and left the park, and took a moment to straighten himself up. He combed his hair, stowed his bike at a nearby lamppost, and retied his bow tie. If he was going to be wearing a tux for this, he might as well look like it had been on purpose.

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