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   Chapter 6 No.6

Bypass Gemini By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 6093

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He maneuvered the limo up and to the left. There wasn't enough space between vertical lanes to slip through, and there wasn't nearly enough between horizontal ones, but at the right angle, he could j-u-u-st thread the needle in the catty-corner space. He found the groove and accelerated. If life was simple, he could have just done that the whole way. As it happened, people liked to drift in and out of their lanes, change lanes in hopes of gaining a few car-lengths, things of that nature. That didn't even account for the people who liked to impose the rules of the road by purposely moving just enough to block the way. Finding a safe route required a very specific skill set and razor-sharp reflexes. The sort of things a racer might have.

Lex wove his way recklessly through the traffic, gaining speed all the way. He pitched and tilted the limo, swooping up and over low-profile cars, twisting sideways between narrow ones, and slicing through openings a fraction of an inch larger than the car itself. In the back, his passengers were getting rather severely shaken up as they fumbled for the five-point restraints. The sturdy, well-designed buckles and straps were the modern replacements for seat belts, which basically meant that they were ignored until right after they were needed.

"What the hell are you doing?" Patel objected.

"Merging. Aggressively. I told you to strap in, " Lex said, pulling hard to the right to catch the turn for the starport.

"I thought you were just going to leave the skyway! Go straight there!"

"No, sir. Crossing the edge of the skyway would trigger all sorts of traffic alerts. Cops would be on me in fifteen seconds and we wouldn't be going anywhere. Nope, the secret is to cut right through the middle. That way, even if they see you, they have to get to you, so you-

il they were actually moving slightly slower than the surrounding traffic. Behind them, the police were held up in the bottleneck of the tunnel's entrance. "Do me a favor and push your head and neck firmly against the headrest."


"Now, please."

The departure and arrival tunnels ran side by side in opposite directions, with the usual sections of wall removed to allow easier access for maintenance and emergency crews. Lex juiced the repulsors, lurching the limo upward, then flipped them off. This sent the ponderous luxury vehicle into a graceful leap. He then twiddled a knob and pulled hard at the wheel, pivoting the vehicle so the bottom aligned with the narrow edge of the gap in the wall. He flipped another switch, maxing out the repulsors again, and slowly eased them down as they approached the wall. They came to a stop halfway up the wall, with the bottom of the limo inches away from it. He then juiced the repulsors once more, sending the limo springing off again. The end result was a bizarre mixture of stunt driving and parkour. It took moments and shifted the car from keeping up with traffic in one direction to keeping up with traffic in the other, with a wall jump in between.

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