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   Chapter 63 No.63

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"And my mother?"

"I understand she's been holding on, but your sister says she's in a bad way."

"Listen, I need a favor. I know you came here to do your monthly trading, and I assure you there are better goods today than you've ever seen before, but I need you to take me back to Tellahn immediately."

"You got the medicine?"

"I did. And I've got to get to my mother. The sooner she gets it the better."


Nita hurried into her gorgeous home. The glorious joy of homecoming could wait; the task at hand was too important. She rushed to her mother's bedside.

"Mother!" she urged, shaking her gently.

"What? Eh? Who's there?" the sleeping matriarch asked groggily.

"Nita? Is that you?" asked her father, awakened by the noise. "Where have you been? You can't just go running off."

"I know, Father, and I'm sorry. Mother, please, come with me."

"You know your mother needs her rest, " Mr. Graus said.

"Mother, what do you know about the people of Rim?"

"Precious little, and I don't care to learn more."

"Well, I think that's a mistake, and I'll show you why."

She went to her mother's master bath and fetched a glass and a pitcher of cool water. She filled the glass, then revealed a small jar and dumped a carefully measured spoonful into it. She stirred until the powder dissolved.

"Drink this. It will make you well again."

"How could it, dear?"

"Please, Mother. Just drink it."

The matriarch looked into the pleading eyes of her daughter, then reached out w

Calderan cigars for the captain.

When all was in readiness, she wished her family a tearful good-bye. She promised to come home and visit with each monthly stop from the Wind Breaker until she was finished teaching them what they needed to know about its upkeep. Her father promised to do his best to open discussions about reopening the borders, at least for the Wind Breaker and her crew. Far too soon, the night was ending and it was time to return to the ship. Linus and Drew took her back to Moor Spires, where Coop and Lil were just closing a deal with one of the other Calderans eagerly seeking exotic goods.

"Oh, you're back! And right on time, " Lil said. "We had a good night!"

"Glad to hear it. Did the boiler give you any trouble while I was gone?"

"Believe it or not, we did get along without you for quite a few years, " Gunner called from above. "Now step into the gig. We've only just got the last planks replaced. I don't want those guns of yours ruining all of that hard work."

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