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   Chapter 61 No.61

Free-Wrench By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5657

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"Stop right there!" cried a voice a few moments later.

She turned to the doorway to find two guards with weapons raised.

"Go ahead, " she replied. "Fire your weapons in the boiler room. Nothing would make me happier."

"That's the Calderan! How did she get on the ship? Best not to kill her. Grab her and bring her to the captain, " the engineer said, climbing to the catwalk and beginning to undo her sabotage.


On the Wind Breaker, the crew had all survived Captain Mack's desperate attack. Butch had made her way back to the deck and was now busy rousing the dazed captain, who'd been knocked back from the controls by the force of the blast. His face was covered in tiny scrapes, and one lens of his glasses was cracked, but he was otherwise intact. He stood and took the controls again.

"On your feet, men. We might still get out of this, " he ordered.

The Wind Breaker, without him active at the controls, had veered toward the gunship and now butted against it. He tried to steer it away, but dislodged rigging from the larger ship had become entangled with the support belt for his turbines, holding the ships together. He eased the controls in and out, causing the ship to tug away bit by bit, but as he did the remaining crew of the dreadnought wheeled over a pair of strange contraptions.

"Boarding hooks, men! On your feet!" the captain ordered. He reached for his pistols.

"Keep your hands raised. You've got three rifleman targeting you right now."

He turned to find his counterpart on the dreadnought standing on the deck, speaking through a megaphone.

"You really impress me, Captain West, " said the enemy captain. "No one has dared to assault any

ribbon of nigh indestructible material unfurled in an instant, punching easily through the walls of both the firebox and the water chamber. Its sturdy structure thus compromised, the boiler began to vent superheated steam. Forced upward by the escaping vapor, the whole of the house-sized boiler thrust through the decks, crashing through them as if they were gingerbread and continuing unimpeded through the envelope above. No matter how secure and well-engineered the design, the sack of gas couldn't withstand such massive damage.

The explosion sent the crew flying and threw Nita to the deck along with the captain. The dreadnought continued to splinter and crack, the fore end drooping as the envelope lost the ability to hold it aloft. The secondary envelopes, still intact, held firm to the aft of the ship, and the damaged craft began to come apart. Captain Mack pushed hard at his controls, turning the Wind Breaker away from the disintegrating dreadnought. Lil madly scanned the decks of the two halves of the sinking ship. Finally, on the deck of the falling fore end, she saw Nita, clutching a piece of rigging.

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