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   Chapter 60 No.60

Free-Wrench By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5711

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Their drop began to level off as they cleared the side of the craft. The bad news was that this left them at close range and in good position for the dreadnought's deck guns. The good news was that they were now close enough for Coop and Gunner to target the crew with their pistols and rifles. Firing from ship to ship didn't allow any real accuracy, but by maintaining a constant hail of bullets on the way, they managed to keep the enemy gunmen in search of cover. It led to something of a standoff, because they knew that if they attempted to escape, Coop and Gunner wouldn't be able to keep the enemy gunners busy.

"I'm going to slow her up, " Captain Mack said.

"I'd advise against it, Captain, " Gunner said between shots. "I've only taken out three of their guns and none of their gunmen. If we fall back, the forward guns could fire on you and the helm."

"I don't figure on there being guns there for too much longer, " Captain Mack said. He leaned to the speaking tube. "Forward cannons loaded, Lil?"

"Good to go, Cap'n!" came her reply.

He smiled. "Firing starboard cannons."

Firing a shipboard cannon at point blank range is not typically done for quite a few reasons, all of which were perfectly illustrated in the following moments. The blow was devastating, instantly reducing a stretch of the gunship's hull to splinters. Shards of former ship flew in all directions, some pelting those enemy crewmembers lucky enough to be spared the primary blast, much rebounding back and scouring Coop, Gunner, and the captain. The gunship shuddered to one side, the Wind Breaker to the other, and then they crashed together, dislodging or damaging most of the guns and leaving the starboard


"They do know how to build a good boiler when they want to…" she grumbled.

"We are receiving irregular power to the turbines. Get them regulated, now!" came an order from a clearer and much more elaborate version of the Wind Breaker's speaking tube. "Main Engineer, report! … Report! … Secondary Engineer, report to the boiler, and bring two guards."

Nita looked around desperately. There wasn't much time left, and it was clear that no amount of standard tinkering was going to get this boiler to explode. She felt around her equipment, searching for something that might do some good. She'd lost a good deal of tools during her fall. Finally her fingers came to rest on an oddly bulging pouch. She pulled it open to find the exposed coil box. As the footsteps of the engineer and his guards began to echo down the hall, an idea came to mind. She leapt down to the floor of the chamber and sprinted to the firebox. Once there she hauled it open, loosened a few screws on the coil box, and threw it inside, slamming the firebox door shut after. She then commenced bashing madly at any connected pipes she could reach.

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