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   Chapter 56 No.56

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"Is that it? Was that all of them?" Coop asked, shaking his head. "I hope so. If anything else sets us to spinning I'm going to end up making an offering."

Nita scanned around them as the winches began to draw them closer to the ship.

"It looks like there's two left, " she said.

The air split again with another cannon blast, this time to their rear. It knocked the pursuing patrol ship from the sky and sent the cart on another pendulous swing.

"Make that one, " she corrected, holding tight.

They turned to the final pursuer. The craft could easily have been the Wind Breaker's sister ship. Its overall shape was the same, and it had a similar—though considerably bulkier—turbine configuration. Notably absent was anything resembling armaments. In place were large grappling cannons on either side of the deck.

Coop looked. "Aw, that's just a tow ship. What could that thing do?"

As an answer, a thump echoed as a grappler was launched in their direction. It traveled in a low arc, crashing down on the aft railing and beginning to reel in.

"What have I told you about tempting fate?" Gunner growled, slapping Coop on the back of the head.

Captain Mack pushed the engines hard, tearing the ship free of the tow ship's grip at the cost of most of the rear railing.

"Now would be a good time to get in here, " Lil called from above as the cart drew in as far as the winch would bring it. The crew scrambled up through the gig hatch. "Cap'n says Wink is hopping up and down something fierce.

on at the moonlit tow ship. "Let's see what this can do."

He pulled the trigger and sent a string of stolen darts at the enemy. They swiftly disappeared into the night, none seeming to have hit the target.

"A bit difficult to aim at night, " he said, furrowing his brow. He adjusted and fired again, this time receiving the reward of a distant patter of impacts. Another string punched a large enough hole in their pursuer's envelope to prevent it from maintaining altitude, and it disappeared back into the fug, where the escaping gas lit up the cloud like green lightning.

"Good work, Gunner, " the captain said. "How's the repair coming, Ms. Graus?"

"Won't be a moment. It was just a pipe puncture, " she said, clamping a cuff onto a pipe. "I'll do a more permanent repair when I can."

"Okay, " Coop yelled from the hatch. "Loot's all hooked up. You folks know there's a sleeping fugger down here?"

"Ignore him. Just get up here and keep your eyes peeled. Wink still seems a bit concerned."

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