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   Chapter 50 No.50

Free-Wrench By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5199

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"It's an ascot, " he said.

"What's it for?"

"Well, it's for being all fancy like, obviously, " Lil said.

"That ain't what I'd use it for, " Coop said.

"What else could you use it for?" she asked.

He replied with a demonstration, using it to yank the man's head down and pulling it into a powerful head butt that sent him to the ground.

"I s'pose that's more of a reason not to wear one, " Lil said.

"That's what I was trying to show off."

"Well, then you done a good job. Not so much for this fella, though. I guess he'll get the point when he wakes up." She stepped over the unconscious man and twisted off the flow for the light. "I like his gun, though."

Nita and Gunner hurried across the darkened courtyard.

"Psst, Gunner, " Lil hissed when he was near enough to hear. She held up the gun. "Jealous?"

"Put that down. Make yourself useful and scout the area for other guards while we get the door open, " he growled.

Lil saluted. "Will do."

Once again, with disturbing silence, she vanished into the darkness, Coop hot on her heels.

"Okay, let's see what we have here, " Nita said, eyeing up the door and turning up the flame on her gas lamp.

Unlike the rest of the building, which was a fairly simple (albeit very large) brick warehouse, the door looked like something from a vault. Thick iron bars ran through heavy braces on either side and were connected in the center to a massive gear with easily the most complex lock Nita had ever seen. There were three keyholes interlinked with rods and cogs, and othe

lled strange glass and brass cylindrical contraptions from their equipment and twisted the ends. The ubiquitous green light blossomed inside the devices, revealing their surroundings. Though the light didn't cut far into the darkness, it was clear the building was massive and cavernous. There were no walls inside, only huge shelves reaching dozens of feet into the air, nearly to the ceiling. The warehouse was easily large enough to contain several whole buildings from some of the less industrial portions of the city.

The entryway was caged off within the building, a small chamber set apart from the main warehouse. A desk protected by bars sat to one side, no doubt meant to be manned by a clerk charged with auditing what came in and went out during operation. The gate leading to the rest of the warehouse wasn't nearly as sturdy as the one outside, but it had enough piping and tubing running around its edge to pique Nita's curiosity. As Coop and Lil investigated the gate, Nita held her lamp close and followed the tubes.

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