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   Chapter 49 No.49

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The droning of turbines grew louder, and the dim green light of a ship cast a long shadow.

"Come on, let's get to the alley. We're far enough from the main city that any motion at all will give us away, " Gunner said.

They huddled together in the long, tall space between two warehouses and waited for the ship to pass by. The patrol ship seemed to coast to a stop above them, its green light painting a stark line across the ground, forcing them farther back into the shadows. Finally the turbines revved, and the ship moved on.

"We gotta be close now. That ship is lingering right around this spot, " Coop said.

Lil squinted in the distance. "What's that at the other end of the alley? Across the other courtyard there."

Gunner, pulled a rifle from his back and raised it, peering through the scope.

"I can just barely make it out through this pea soup. It looks like a single guard, lightly armed, standing in front of a well-lit door, " he said.

"That's got to be the place. Let's go. Everyone know their parts?" Nita asked.

"Lil and I take out the fugger all quiet like, then you and Gunner get the door open. After that, we take everything we can carry, " Coop said.

"This is gonna be fun! We'll signal you by shutting off the light, " Lil added.

With that, the two siblings sprinted silently down the alley. Nita and Gunner followed far behind.

"Is this the sort of thing you do often?" Nita

gger is because they didn't want to make a ruckus and draw any attention. If you go and draw attention yourself, they may as well shoot. Now I'm going to ask you for the key to this here door. And if you do anything but answer quietly, I'm gonna have to bust your neck, and I never done that before, so it might take a few tries. I don't reckon that'll be too comfortable for you. You understand?"

He nodded.

"So." Coop removed his hand and stepped in front of the guard. The fug person was typically tall and thin, making him the rare individual that Coop had to look up to talk to, if only slightly. "Where's the key?"

"Don't have the key. The quartermaster has the key, and he only comes here to pick up and drop off shipments, " the man said desperately, adding, "Please don't kill me!"

"Well, see, you ain't got the key, so you really aren't that useful to us. Say…" Coop grabbed the ends of the ascot. "What do you call this thing?"

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