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   Chapter 153 No.153

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4830

Updated: 2018-01-20 19:02

"Shouldn't you still be in bed?" she asked.

"Vedesto evicted me. He caught me trying to convince one of the apprentices to sneak a book in for me. Again, " he said.

"I see, " she said.

"So, I thought. . . the falls. The falls have stopped while we were sleeping, and the water in the pool beneath is gone, " he began, his voice wavering a bit. "The way is open again, and will be for a day or two more. We post people in shifts to watch for newcomers. In groups of two. I thought maybe that you and I could. . . is something wrong?"

Myranda shook as she remembered what she had done, and then she slowly shook her head.

"What is it? I can help, I assure you, " he said, nearly falling over forward in an attempt to place a hand on her shoulder.

"Nothing, I. . . I passed Lain's test, " she said.

"Perhaps my mind is a bit more addled than I thought. I would have imagined that was a reason to rejoice, " he said.

"I tried to kill him, " she said.

"Did you succeed?" he asked.

"No, but I wanted to. I really did. I couldn't control myself. I just. . . I hated him so much. I knocked out his tooth. I may have broken his jaw. He gave me the tooth. He wants me to remember. He wants me to remember that I wanted to kill, " she said.

"What did he do to make you feel this way?" he asked.

"He won't do it, Deacon. He is one of them! He can stop the war, but he won't! He would rather go on profiting from murder than e

eal more disheveled than usual.

"Did I wake you?" she asked.

"No, no. Not you precisely. The door did. When you knocked on it, " he said, trying to set her mind at ease without really lying.

"You can go back to bed. I know you need your sleep, " Myranda said.

"Not at all. Not at all. I am quite well-rested, " he said, struggling valiantly to hold back a yawn. "I haven't slept so deeply since I was an apprentice. What brings you here?"

"I haven't slept so poorly since I was a frightened little girl. Myn isn't about. I just need some kind of distraction. Something to pluck up my courage before I speak to Lain again, " she said.

"Well, if nothing more than distraction is required, I can most assuredly oblige. Please, come in, " he said.

She closed the door and took a seat in the second chair while Deacon went about pulling books from shelves. When he had a fair amount, he pulled his chair to the desk and opened one or two of them.

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