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   Chapter 151 No.151

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"There. Until that wears off, you should feel like yourself. That should give you enough time to get some food inside of you without having to worry about choking to death. Once you've eaten, I want you to go back to sleep. Another day and you ought to be able to walk out of here unaided, " Vedesto said, turning to Deacon. "You, on the other hand, will require at least two more days, because you couldn't simply rest like a good patient."

Food was given to Myranda, which she ate eagerly. Deacon sat, sulking but quiet, while she ate. Myranda glanced around her with her temporarily clear vision.

In one of the corners, furthest from the door, Lain lay asleep in a bed. It was only the second time she had seen the creature in any form of rest, and once again it was through no choice of his own. She couldn't help but look at him in a new light. It was certain now. This was a divinely anointed being. He could be the savior of all of the people of the continent, plucking them from the jaws of the war once and for all. Myranda would never have imagined someone like him as a Chosen a few years ago, yet now that she knew the skills he had, she wondered if there was another in the world better suited.

Shortly after she finished her meal, the warmth that kept her mind clear faded and she, quite against her will, drifted again into sleep. This slumber was not so deep. Simple dreams came in the form of brief glimpses of what was to be. She saw Lain, the bizarre creature she had helped to create, and three ha

uld feel the hope of an end slipping away because this short-sighted, greedy, heartless thing that sat before her refused to use the power given to him for the one and only truly good purpose in the world. Her hands trembled and tears formed in her eyes. The stand that held the training swords they had been using stood to the side in the room. She grasped her weapon and, shaking, held it up.

"Outside, now!" she demanded.

"I am not prepared to train you now. It is not yet sundown, " he said.

"Lain, damn you, if you will not do your duty for this world, then you will keep your promise to me! On your feet!" she shouted.

Myn, who had been roused from a light sleep by Myranda's entrance, watched in a pleasant daze. When the girl began to speak her harsh words, the dragon snapped quickly out of it. Lain grasped his training sword and hoisted himself to his feet. The pair left the hut, with Myn keeping a close and watchful eye. She could feel that there was something different about this fight.

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