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   Chapter 148 No.148

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5738

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In any other place, she would question how an entire structure could have vanished overnight and be replaced with something else, but here she merely admired the altar. At each side of it, there stood a smaller one bearing a bowl. People had begun to join hands around the ring that Myranda and Deacon had retreated to when she first came here. On the edge of this ring, nearest to the mountains, was a tall post topped with a hoop. Below it was the chair of the Elder.

"We will begin shortly and continue until the last of us drops, so I had best give you your instructions. We will join hands around the central altars. When we begin, the elemental Masters will provide a mystically pure sample of their respective element. We will then focus all of the strength that we can muster into your neighbors. In this way, all of the energy that the Masters need will be available. Once the ring as a whole has reached a state of focus, we shall begin to chant 'Earth, fire, wind, water.' Whatever language you wish. With a blue moon in the sky, the spirits will hear, " he said.

"How will we know when it is working?" she asked.

"You will know. Now, until the moon rises, it is very important that the ring not be broken. If you feel that you cannot go on, join the hands of your neighbors before you pass out. Once the moon is at its height, though, you need not worry. Let us begin, " he said.

Myranda was led to her place on the circle. The Elder was at the north end of the circle. Calypso was present, once again displaying a pair of legs. She and Ayna, Solomon, and Cresh were spaced regularly about the circumference. Deacon was at the south end. Myranda found herself on the western side, and soon she dis

The Elder stood firm, with the four elemental Masters showing signs of fatigue. Both the white and black magic Masters had just fallen, and Deacon looked ready to break. Lain, somehow, was as steady as ever. Myranda could feel herself wavering. Then the moon made its last shift. Time seemed to slow as the thin filament of energy swelled to a thick band, then practically a wall that blocked out the outside world.

Each elemental wizard struggled forward. A portion of the energy was pulled away and forced into the pure essences at the altar. First, the wind swirled savagely, moving slowly over to the earth. Instantly, the earth was caught up in the breeze. The water came next, whirling up into the powerful mix. Finally, it approached the fire. Rather than the wet mixture hissing into steam or extinguishing the fire, the flames seemed to mix with it as smoothly as the other elements had. What was before them was a spinning mass of all of the elements, here red as fire, there brown as earth. Here thin as wind, there thick as water. The unique mass swirled atop the central altar, basking in the most direct rays of the blue moon.

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