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   Chapter 147 No.147

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5297

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"You certainly outperformed me on my first failure. I required no less than three attempts to complete it, " Deacon reassured her. "I shudder to think what would have become of me had I put up half of the resistance you did. I was a bit worried toward the end."

When Myranda stood, a book slipped from her tunic and dropped to the ground. The rogue book, a red-covered one, drew the attention of all present. Azriel knelt to retrieve it, placing it on the table beside the one in which she had just marked Myranda's name. They were identical. The teacher silently waved her hand over the first book. The red color faded to white.

"Clever, clever girl, " she said quietly.

Deacon's jaw hung agape as Azriel flipped to the last occupied page of the newly-white book, where Myranda's name could be clearly seen.

"Well then. I would not say that it was the most straightforward method, but a technicality is nonetheless a victory in this case. It would appear you have passed after all. I wonder--when did you steal the two books?" Azriel asked.

"While you were dispelling my illusions one by one, " Myranda said, lowering herself shakily to a chair.

"And you stumbled into the bookcase to cover your tracks. Brilliant!" Deacon said.

"You certainly fought valiantly to keep hold of that book, despite the fact that it was the one you had wanted me to sign all along, " Azriel said.

"I thought you might suspect something if I didn't. Not to mention I was not certain it would work, and I was afraid of how you might have reacted had you discovered what I'd done, " Myra

or Calypso to manage them as our resident experts, but Ayna will not let Calypso do so. While Calypso does not care about the storm, one of her favorite things in life is torturing Ayna, so she categorically refuses to allow Ayna to do so either. More than once, the argument has outlasted the storm. Forget about that, though. Let us get you to bed. Tomorrow night is the blue moon and you must be at your best, " he said.

The words barely filtered into Myranda's head. She stumbled and sloshed her way to her hut, closed the door, changed into dry clothes, and collapsed. Myn took her usual perch atop her, and the pair drifted off to sleep.


Myranda did not so much as stir until midday, when Deacon reluctantly woke her and informed her that the ceremony would be starting soon. When she left her hut, there was a feeling of anticipation permeating the village. People rushed to and fro. Deacon led her to the courtyard where the Elder's hut had been. It was now conspicuously missing, and in its place, there was a rectangular marble altar.

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