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   Chapter 144 No.144

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"An illusion! I didn't expect to see any of those out of you, " she said.

The teacher ran outside and forced away any illusions that were not her work. Clinging to the wall were a number of bars of ice, forming a crude ladder leading to one of the first floor windows that had fortunately not been willed away like those of the second floor. Azriel rose into the air and approached the window. It widened to allow her through easily, but Myranda could already be heard hurrying down the hall. Azriel made her way out of the room just in time to see an image of Myranda rush into every open doorway and slam it.

"What fun, a student with creativity, " Azriel said.

The powerful wizard touched her fingers to the wall and the stone became as transparent as glass. The effect spread until each and every block that composed the castle could be seen through. One by one, the illusions of Myranda were dispelled, but finishing was not necessary. The change that came over the castle startled the true Myranda, who stumbled backward, knocking over the bookshelf.

When her eyes met Azriel's, and a wicked grin came to her instructor's face, the girl sprang to her feet and ran toward the hourglass. Only a minute or two had passed, and the rules said that the test would be ended when the last grain returned from whence it had come. If she inverted the glass now, she would need to last only a minute or two more. Azriel was moving quickly toward her, unimpeded by the walls and floor, which separated like curtains at her approach. Just as the teacher's feet came to rest on the floor of the banquet hall once again, Myranda grasped the timepiece. With any luck she would be able to invert it and lock it in ice until the last few grains fell.

Luck, al

ns with the fire.

"Your resourcefulness is remarkable. I may have to redefine the word capture, " said Azriel.

Approaching the hourglass again, she gave it a twirl. Instantly, Myranda found herself falling, jerked this way and that as "down" perpetually changed. It was disrupting beyond belief. She could barely think. She certainly couldn't move, as each time she approached something that she could grab onto, she fell away from it again. She was trapped in mid-air. Another smile of satisfaction came to her instructor's face and the pen was once again in hand.

Myranda's mind searched for something that might free her. The only thing that seemed to have a chance was levitation. She had never managed it on anything but water before, but Deacon had assured her that the same technique needed to be changed only slightly to levitate anything. Myranda consciously took hold of the mystic energy inside of herself and commanded it to be still. Her uncontrollable flight through the room came to a swift end. A second thought brought the spinning hourglass to a halt, this time properly oriented. As she lowered herself to the ground, Azriel gave a smug smile.

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