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   Chapter 143 No.143

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5553

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"How can I expect to resist you? Look how powerful you are. I have only begun my training, " she said.

"You have reached a level of mastery in the elemental arts. That is quite enough. As for power? In this place, you are as powerful as I. So long as you know how to cast a spell, you shall do so without effort and without delay. You are being tested only on your knowledge and ingenuity. Now--begin, " she said.

"But I--" she began.

Her words were cut off by a bizarre sensation as the room, and all that filled it, seemed to grow to many times its size. A second odd feeling came as she was drawn into the air by some invisible force and dropped down into a red liquid. It stung her eyes, and when she surfaced and looked about, her view of the massive room was wavy and distorted. She had been shrunk and dropped into a wine bottle! The cork worked itself into the opening as Azriel walked the short distance to the pedestal, having already willed the pen into her hand.

Myranda cast her strength into the air around her. Instantly it swirled into action, bursting the cork from the bottle with such force that the bottle tipped. After sloshing violently about, Myranda squeezed from the mouth of the bottle. She had to find somewhere to hide long enough to figure out how to undo the spell. Deacon had yet to teach it.

She ran further among the place settings of the table, crouching behind a folded napkin. Her mind swiftly analyzed her body, quickly happening upon an odd twist of magic that seemed to be wrapped about her. She made ready to levy her own strength against it when a shadow appeared.

Looking to the source, she saw, towering o

the drawbridge with a grin.

"I may not be able to detect your mind anymore, but a deaf man could have heard that splash, " she said.

In an instant, the water around Myranda began to freeze. She tried to scramble up the edge of the moat, but her foot was locked into the ice. Azriel chuckled lightly to herself as she walked leisurely toward the pedestal to mark down her victory. Myranda listened closely to the footsteps recede. In a flash, enough heat was conjured to free her foot. No sooner had the girl scrambled to freedom than the teacher stopped. Myranda acted fast--before her return.

"You know that I will always know when you are captured and when you are free. There is nothing you can do about that, " Azriel informed Myranda.

The girl, now on the drawbridge, tried to rush silently past her. Once the student had made it inside the castle, Azriel willed the individual stones of the floor to rise up as bars to form a cage. Myranda stopped abruptly. Azriel opened her mouth to gloat, but stopped. Poking her hand through the bars to grab the girl, her fingers passed right through.

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