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   Chapter 142 No.142

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5199

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The same could not be said of Deacon. He sat rigidly in place, eating slowly and sparingly, as though he did so only because of what might happen if he did not. The fear rolled off of him as palpably as the grace flowed from Azriel. When they were through, their host spoke again.

"Now, I have been blessed with the honor of treating your little Myn to her meals. She is as fine a beast as I have ever seen. Treat her well and she will serve you well. Of that much I am sure. As for you, Deacon, am I to take your presence as an indication that Myranda has had a dose of gray magic as well?" she asked.

"Just a touch, your grace. A spell or two, " he answered quickly, hesitating to even look Azriel in the eye.

"Well, every little bit helps. Gray magic is a favorite of mine. It is possible that I shall have something of a challenge from this one. I relish the thought. I also understand that Hollow had a word with her. Quite the unique occurrence, " she said.

"We believe that she may have a connection to the Chosen. She even has a semblance of the mark, " Deacon offered timidly.

"Might I see it?" Azriel asked.

"Show her. Show her the mark, " Deacon whispered insistently.

As Myranda revealed the palm of her left hand, she couldn't understand how this motherly woman could be making Deacon so uneasy.

"Yes, yes. It is not a birthmark, but no ordinary person could bear such a mark, if it truly is that of the Chosen, " Azriel said.

"That is why it is very important that we get her to the ceremony just as quickly as we can,


"There. I would say that this is a far more fitting venue. Now for the rules of the game. This hourglass will run through after five minutes, " she said.

An hourglass appeared, floating above the center of the table.

"After that, it will be turned over, such that it may run back. Now, while the sand is in motion, I will endeavor to capture you, and you will endeavor to escape me. You will be designated a failure if you remain captured long enough for me to mark you down in a red book of failure with this pen, " the wizard said.

A case of books materialized behind her. Out from it slid the last in a very long line of red-covered books. The bottom shelf was the only one not fully occupied by the books of failure, as two white books occupied it, and one conspicuous black-covered one.

"Now, if you pass, you will be marked down in the white book. The trial ends when the last grain of sand has returned from whence it came, or when your name has been marked down, " she explained. "Have you any questions?"

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