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   Chapter 141 No.141

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5225

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"Excellent. Wonderful job! Deacon, tell me, do you remember that foolish spell Gilliam used?" Calypso asked.

"Of course, " he said.

"Well, cast it on this work of art. It needs to be saved in a form a bit more enduring than ice, " she said.

Deacon raised his crystal and closed his eyes. The spell must have been a mighty one, because even in her drowsy, weakened state, Myranda could feel the power of it flowing. A less distinct wave of light began to pass over the surface of the ice statue. It rippled slowly along like a dozen grasping fingers creeping up. Behind it, the ice was turned to stone. When it reached the nose of the statue, his work was done. It was solid rock, saved for posterity. Deacon gave a sigh of relief as he finished.

"Well done, both of you. It has been a pleasure working with you, Myranda. Don't think that just because I am no longer your teacher that you can just stop visiting me. Deacon, you get her to Azriel. I have got to get this lovely thing down below, " Calypso said.

"What? Azriel? Isn't she the founder?" Myranda asked, still dazed from the effort.

"Yes, you need to be declared a Full Master, " he said, walking her in the direction of the crystal arena. All the while, the rain she had caused was hammering down.

"But I have been. Calypso said it, " she said.

"No, no. You have been declared a Master of four separate disciplines. Now you must prove just how capable you are in their practical use. Then you will be a Full Master, " he said.

"I don't understand. There are that many different le

legance. Her hair was a glorious white and hung well past her shoulders.

The dragon showed her usual suspicion, becoming defensive at the woman's arrival, but upon recognizing her as the mealtime host, she relented.

"Welcome. I have been waiting for our prodigy. By the grace of your own skills, I have not had to wait long. And, Deacon, I understand that you have been this young girl's steward. Splendid, please come inside, " she said in a voice that radiated civility.

She led them inside where a trio of overstuffed chairs surrounded a table set with the most sumptuous feast that Myranda had ever seen. All manner of meats, cheese, and bread covered it from end to end. The four sat--Azriel at the head of the table, Deacon and Myranda at each side, and Myn upon the floor beside Myranda. The chair was impossibly comfortable, and the food was something out of a fantasy. The wine was nectar. The meat fairly melted as soon as it touched her tongue. The atmosphere was so warm and inviting, Myranda couldn't feel more at ease.

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