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   Chapter 140 No.140

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"And I need to be a Master of the elements by then, if I am to be a part. . ." she recalled.

"Indeed. You will need to finish your training with me and have your overall exam by the end of next week. We will indeed need to hurry. Oh, curse it all. I finally get student with a personality and I have to push her through faster than any other. Someone up there is toying with me, " Calypso said. "No matter, though. Myranda, you ought to get a bit more rest than usual tonight. We will need to push you harder tomorrow. Enjoy. Deacon, would you remain for a bit? I need to discuss something with you."

Myranda headed off while Deacon lingered.

"What was it you needed to discuss?" he asked.

"In a moment, " Calypso said, waiting until Myranda was well out of earshot. When their privacy was assured, she continued. "You like her. As more than a colleague."

"Well, I. . ." he began.

"It is an observation, not a question. She likes you as well. I know that you aren't going to confess your feelings so easily, so let me just give you a word of advice. If you feel that you wish things to move forward between the two of you, invite her with you to watch the opening of the cave when the falls relent. There is something about that place. It is where your parents met. It is where many parents met, " she said. "Now go. Think about it."


The training continued the next day. The feeling was far more serious now. The days that followed were filled to the brim with education. The gray magic expertise that Deacon offered sped her progress markedly, so mu

g to miss the spectacle, and Myn, faithful as always.

"Just draw up a bit of the water. Heaven knows there is enough of it about. I want an ice sculpture of. . . oh, how about little Myn there. I want every detail. Shape it and freeze it. Begin immediately, " Calypso instructed.

Myranda obeyed. She drew up the water from the soaked ground until it seemed like a rippling mound. Her energies filtered through it, forcing it to change its shape to match that of the little dragon. The basic form was simple, but as the details came to be formed, Myranda could feel the strain of stretching her mind in so many directions at once. Nostrils, scales, teeth--each had to be crafted and held. It was difficult to tell how quickly the time had passed, but finally she found herself staring at a near-perfect replica of her dragon, sitting on its haunches, mouth open a bit and tongue protruding slightly.

Myranda applied the reverse of one of the spells that Solomon had taught. A wave passed through the water, leaving all behind it solid ice.

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