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   Chapter 138 No.138

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5494

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"Myn, watch me. I promise you that nothing bad will happen. And when I am in the water and you can see that it is safe, you can come in, too. Then you will know that there is nothing to be afraid of, and we won't have this problem anymore, " Myranda said.

Myn, with the utmost of reluctance, stepped aside to let Myranda wade in beside Deacon. She stood, chilled a bit, but unharmed. When a few more moments passed with no ill effects, Myn began to edge closer to the water. She touched the surface and leapt back at the sudden cool feeling. After building courage again, she ventured back to the water's edge and dipped in a single foot. It had no sooner broken the surface than Myranda and Deacon suddenly jerked beneath the surface.

Myn sprang backward. When her friends didn't reappear, she panicked, finally taking to the air and gliding across the top of the water. She could see the two humans streaking along the bottom of the lake, being dragged by the mermaid from the day before. When the center of the lake had been reached the water creature touched her pendant and the pair of humans dropped to the lake floor.

"Why did you do that!?" Myranda scolded.

"Well, you were just standing in the water. There is only so much daylight, we've got to use every drop of it, " Calypso said.

"But Myn was just starting to trust me that the water was safe. You may as well be a sea monster, pulling us under like that. I promised her that nothing would happen!" Myranda said.

"I think she knows nothing is wrong. Look, " Calypso said, pointing up to the surface.

Myranda looked up. Through the rippling surface they could see M

Quite a creepy fellow. Come here, Myranda. Let us see this mark of yours, " the mermaid said.

Myranda showed the thin white scar that had begun this bizarre journey of hers.

"Ah. Yes. It is just as I had imagined it. Simple, elegant. The work of the spirits--or the gods. Tell me, Deacon, do we know yet what it means that this girl has the mark, but was not born with it?" she asked.

"There were a number of phrases we've been able to translate from Hollow's latest speech that seem to allude to it, " Deacon said, flipping to a seemingly random page in the book. "Yes, right here. 'A mark both fresh and faded belongs to the carpenter'; 'A label of white adorns that which will see each.' Things of that nature."

"I see; well, that certainly answers that." Calypso snorted. "Honestly. The spirits could be a bit more straightforward in their messages. If they truly wanted us to know what they were saying, they would say it more clearly. Well, regardless of what that mark means, we had best be sure you become what you are capable of. Let us begin the lesson, " Calypso decided.

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