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   Chapter 137 No.137

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5112

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"General Teloran, step inside, please, " Bagu requested.

"General, the king was speaking, " Trigorah stated.

"Your Majesty, the matter is of great importance, " said Bagu.

"Go. The war comes first. Always, the war comes first, " the king said.

Trigorah reluctantly stepped through the door and closed it behind her. Bagu was seated at his desk. His normally calm and collected expression was tempered with the tiniest hint of impatience and concern.

"I must object to your behavior in the presence of the king, " said Trigorah. She was in no position to issue a reprimand, but nonetheless her tone carried a sting.

"Noted. What news have you of the girl?" he demanded.

"She has not left the cave of the beast, but I am confident that she is still alive, " Trigorah explained.

"What possible source can you have for such confidence?" Bagu asked.

"She has shown herself to be resourceful, intelligent, and resilient. Furthermore, the assassin is with her. If he wishes her to be alive, she shall be alive, " Trigorah explained.

"Epidime has been unable to detect her. He has been known to track targets to their graves and beyond, " Bagu reminded her.

"Epidime is skilled, there can be no arguing that. However, he is not infallible. With all due respect to him as a fellow general, he is blind of his own shortcomings, " she replied.

"And the sword?" he asked.

"The Red Shadow would not have been so foolish as to bring it with him. He knows we seek him, as well as the girl and the sword. The sc

romise, we won't even fight, " Myranda said.

Myn looked questioningly at Myranda. The dragon then turned back to the spot at which they had been standing. She sniffed curiously.

"This way!" Deacon urged.

Myn lashed at the empty space with her tail. After the whip crack of it striking something, the veil of invisibility, as well as the pair of illusions, dropped away. Deacon was hopping painfully on one leg and Myranda was laughing.

"Clever little thing, aren't you. Practically any other animal would have followed the illusions. I suppose that I had best look into both covering our scent and producing a false one. I ought to thank you for illustrating a weakness in my methods, " Deacon said.

With a bit of effort, the trio managed to make it to the lake again. Myranda tried her best to convince Myn the water was safe.

"Permit me to demonstrate, " Deacon said.

He waded out into the lake until he was waist-deep. Myn watched cautiously.

"There, you see? Nothing has happened!" he said.

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