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   Chapter 135 No.135

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Myranda had become so lost in her words that it took her a moment to realize that she had been addressed.

"Oh, yes, I did bring my staff. Where has it gone to?" Myranda wondered.

Myranda looked around her feet. Calypso, more accustomed to the environment, looked in the other direction.

"Ah, there we are, " she said, spying the staff that was now bobbing on the surface of the water.

With a speed and grace that made her seem as fluid as the water around her, Calypso darted up and snatched the staff, returning to the waiting student.

"Hold on to that, or else I'll let you get it next time, " she said playfully.

Myranda swiftly entered the focused state of mind.

"Very good. Now, I suppose I really haven't much to say, though that is not to say that I will not be saying much. You see, save the specific mystic quality of the element, dealing with water is identical to dealing with air. They are both fluid. Water is thicker and heavier than air, of course. This will require a bit more energy to work with it, but the principles, at least in the beginning, are the same. In a way, Ayna has done my work for me.

"First, I want you to get a feel for what water 'looks like' mystically, " Calypso said.

Myranda looked through her mind's eye, reaching out with her spirit into her surroundings. The water around her was something of a cool, feathery feeling in her mind.

"Once you have it, move it about.

ll see you tomorrow, " Calypso said, holding her hand as she whisked the girl back to the water's edge.

"I look forward to it, " Myranda said.

She walked a few more steps, emerging from the water. There was an odd sensation of heaviness. Myn, who had been watching anxiously and waiting for hours, sprang to her feet and tried to usher her away from the water.

"It is all right, Myn. There is nothing to be scared of, " Myranda said, or tried to at least. Instead water poured from her mouth. She took a breath of air, and found it worthless to her. Realizing what was happening, she turned and plunged her head back into the water. After a long breath, she opened her eyes. There before her was Calypso. She was lying on the floor of the bank, just below the surface of the water, smiling. Her face was so close their noses were practically touching.

"Something wrong, dear?" she asked innocently.

"I can't breathe up here, " Myranda said.

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