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   Chapter 134 No.134

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5516

Updated: 2018-01-20 12:02

"Deacon, I am shocked that you would think that I would treat my guests with anything less than complete and utter civility. Now come on, we've so much to do!" Calypso exclaimed.

With that, she grasped Myranda's hand and pulled her into the water. Before either she or Myn could object, the helpless girl was dragged swiftly to the bottom of the lake, near the center.

"There. That is so much better. Out of that hot sun and harsh breeze, " Calypso said, turning to her guest.

Myranda was floundering and struggling to keep her breath. The trip to the bottom had been so sudden she hadn't even the time to take a deep breath.

"Oh. Silly me, " Calypso said, touching her fingers to the amulet.

Myranda dropped to the lake bed and took a long, wracking breath. Her panic turned to confusion as the cool water filled her lungs and she no longer longed for air. She stood and tentatively took a second "breath, " if such a word could still be applied. Her clothes and hair billowed about her as the slight currents swept past her, while she felt as steady on the pebble-covered ground as if she were on dry land.

Now that she was able to relax, Myranda looked at her surroundings. The light danced on the ground in the most beautiful way. The slight blue tint of the water seemed to highlight the green of the algae on the rocks. In the distance, what must be Calypso's quarters stood majestically, a hut just like the others, though a bit larger. It seemed frightfully out of place at the bottom of a lake.

"What did you do to me?" Myranda asked.

"Oh, that little spell? I merely swapped the roles of water and air for you. It is rath

ys 'colleague' or 'associate.' Lifeless words.

"Most that come here have already rendered themselves down into little more than a repository of information about this or that. These people can scarcely open their mouths without a statement about magic or battle spilling out. They forget that there is a life to be lived, but not you. And, since you have arrived, not Deacon. Doesn't spend nearly the time in that dusty old hut keeping those books. You know, before you showed up, he hadn't come to see me in over two years?

"I tell you, you have been a tonic for him. As a matter of fact, I would like to see more of the two of you together. After we get the preliminaries out of the way, I say we bring him down here. He can assist me. Better yet, he can distract you enough to keep you down here a bit longer, and I'll have more company. However, before we can put that plan into action, there is the small matter of giving you the basics of my art. You know the procedure by now. Ears and mind focused, everything else ignored. Didn't you have a staff when you came here?" Calypso spouted.

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