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   Chapter 130 No.130

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5116

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Unfortunately, sundown came all too soon. The crowd had grown tired of waiting and dispersed, so she quickly set off to the Warrior's Side and found Lain waiting. As soon as she saw his face, she felt all of the anger return. He handed her a short sword. Unlike the one he'd been using, this one was steel, every bit a lethal weapon.

"You must be very brave, handing a real sword to me after telling me what you did, " she said.

"I understand you've had experience with the short sword, " he said.

"I have, " she said.

"We will spar a bit to see how skilled you are, " he said.

"And how shall I earn my questions?" she asked.

"Still interested, are we? I thought you were content to assume and jump to conclusions, " he said.

"Lain, you told me you had the leaked information in your hands! You had to know what was going to happen, and you did nothing! What am I supposed to think!" she cried.

"If you thought at all, you would not be acting as you are, but that is irrelevant. Prepare yourself, " he said, lifting his own sword.

"But this is not a training sword, " she said.

"I will pull my attacks if they are going to land. As for you. . . I seriously doubt that you will even come near, but if you manage to strike me, I will give you ten questions, " he said. "And the offer still stands that if you draw even a single drop of blood, every answer you wish is yours."

"But--" she began.

"Begin!" he said.

He attacked slowly at first, one at a time. Her blocks were a bit sloppy, as she hadn

hen to defend, and whether a counter was possible was like playing a game of chess in a heartbeat. The position of limbs, the distribution of weight, the speed, direction, and location of the weapon. . . she could take an hour to consider each one and still be wrong.

All too soon, the demonstration was over and the sparring began. She quickly found that during an attack or while defending, things were clear. The tenseness came in the moments when she and Lain were between attacks, quietly measuring each other, deciding what would happen next.

Finally, it happened. Myranda had leaned in for a downward strike. Her arms were raised, leaving her abdomen undefended. Lain struck with what looked to be one of his slower attacks. It most certainly did not feel like one. Myranda cried out, dropped her weapon, and doubled over. In an instant Myn was between them, desperate to stop them from fighting. The pain shot through her. It was a moment before she could regain the wind that had been knocked out of her.

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