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   Chapter 127 No.127

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5265

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"So much to be done. Translation, interpretation. But first I must ask you. In the commotion, I could not record Hollow's unexpected additions, " he said.

He began to mark down the words.

"When he spoke to you, he said 'light' three times, correct?" he asked.

"I believe so. Does that really matter?" she asked.

"Not a single word is wasted when he speaks. Of course, your message and the one before it are among the most straightforward I have ever heard, " Deacon replied.

"Do you mean to tell me that you know what was meant by those words?" she asked.

"Well. . . no. But the imagery was at least obvious. Most times interpreters must work for days, or weeks, to uncover something that even resembles reality. Luckily, Tober took volumes of notes before his transformation into Hollow. The spirits that choose to communicate with us through him are often the same ones that he relied upon. As a result, many of the allusions they make are documented and translated, " he said, selecting a book from one of the carefully kept shelves.

"One of the shorter statements. Keltem gorato melni treshic. Now, Keltem translates literally to people--or, more specifically, physical beings. The spirits use this term most often when they intend to indicate a specific body part. An arm or a leg, for instance. Gorato is the name of a prolific gold mine of years gone by. In older prophesies, gorato has been used to imply things of virtue and worth, but mostly it refers to gold itself. Melni is the name of a specific spirit that was known for terrorizing the living.

itioners of white and black magic. They seemed to know that she was something special, and tried their best to inject their knowledge and expertise, hoping in some way to make their mark on history though this unique girl. In the few days that followed, she was made aware of dozens of techniques in white and black magic alike, many of which were little more than theory. Warriors were more interested in learning what great deeds she had done before arriving. They latched onto her tales of the Undermine and questioned relentlessly to that end.

The attention was almost more than Myn could bear. She'd had a hard enough time sharing Myranda with Deacon. Now she had to endure dozens of people a day. The little dragon had learned restraint in her days in Entwell, but she had her limits. Each new visitor received the same harsh treatment as Deacon had when she had first met him. Even a handshake was cause enough for her to flash her teeth and lash her tail. Visitors learned quickly that a bit of caution was in order when dealing with her.

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