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   Chapter 124 No.124

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5009

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"You will need to play through the elegy once. I would not lift the spell that you are casting, lest the sudden release of focus set your mind to rest. Instead, use the stream you've been conjuring to play the tune. And. . . begin, " She said.

Myranda pulled the notes of the song to mind and plodded her way through them. It was not a spirited performance, by any means, but neither was it incorrect. The last note rang out, prompting a deafening roar from the crowd. The approval reached Myranda's tattered consciousness in the form of a distant whisper.

Deacon was left again with the task of bringing her to her bed, though this time with little objection from Myn, once the customary bribe of a potato was offered. Ayna deliberated over the performance, criticizing the tempo of the tune and taking full credit for the success of her pupil. As the assembled crowd lavished praise upon the fairy, Myranda was lowered to her bed and left in peace.


The black carriage lurched to a stop and General Teloran pushed the door open. By rights, this should have been her first destination, but she'd left it until last. The elf paced up the path to the church. Inside, a service was just ending, and the sparse congregation was rising to depart. When they had climbed aboard their meager transportation and left for their homes, Trigorah stepped inside, leaving the other Elites to guard the door.

"Father?" Trigorah called out.

"Enter, my child, " came his voice from his chamber.


ht to take me away with you?"

"I believe it is necessary, " she replied.

"That is not what I asked, " he said.

"It doesn't matter what is right. What must be done must be done, " she said, drawing her blade with a slow, deliberate motion to prolong its ring.

"So it must. . ." he said rising and heading toward the door. As he walked, he spoke, quietly. "That girl. . . that blasted girl. . . I hope it is worth it. . ."


Nearly four full days passed before Myranda's eyes opened again. Deacon visited her at meal times to help her eat until she found the strength to do so on her own. With each visit, he offered another profuse apology for Ayna's disregard for her well-being. To Myranda's surprise, though, Deacon was not the only visitor during her recovery. When she heard the familiar tapping of a dragon's claws on the stone floor, she assumed it was just Myn after a visit to Solomon or Lain.

"You bring me great pride, Myranda, " came the voice of her old instructor.

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