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   Chapter 122 No.122

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4838

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"My answer remains the same. More than I can name, " he said.

"Choose one, " she demanded.

"Sam Rinthorne, " he said.

"The Lord! You were hired by the Lord of all of Kenvard! For what? Tell me everything, and this is one question, " she said.

"The people of Kenvard, your people, were taking terrible losses, disproportionate to both Ulvard and Vulcrest. Military strikes were hitting their mark with accuracy that could only be the result of a leak in the intelligence chain. I was hired to find and kill the responsible party, or parties, " he said.

"Continue, " she said.

"I followed the flow of the information to a messenger. To keep any more information from escaping, I killed him--and eventually followed the trail to a military headquarters in Terital, " he said.

"Terital? That is the old capital of Ulvard. It's on the other side of the continent, " Myranda remarked.

"Indeed. In those days, it was home to the five generals. At least, it had been until a few days before I arrived, " he said.

"But the generals didn't move north until--" she began.

"The massacre happened a few days later, " he said. "Since my employer was killed, I had no reason to continue."

Myranda froze as a thought passed through her mind.

"What information was the spy carrying?" she asked.

"As I recall, he was carrying orders from the general to change the patrol route around Kenvard. He also carried a letter written in T

. Ayna fluttered along beside her.

"You don't seem particularly well-rested. I seem to recall ordering you to have a long and full rest, " Ayna muttered angrily.

"My dreams kept me awake, " Myranda explained, as she tried to eat.

"That is a sign of a very weak mind, " Ayna reprimanded. "And must you eat so slowly?"

Deacon entered and took a seat beside Myranda.

"Lovely, your shadow has arrived, " Ayna sneered.

"Myranda, you do not look very well. Are you sure you are up to this?" Deacon asked.

"She hasn't got a choice. I will test her today, " Ayna said.

"And what have you got in store for her?" Deacon asked accusingly.

"A suitable test of skill for our little prodigy, " the fairy said.

"And something certain to make you stand out as a teacher, " he offered.

"My mere existence is quite enough to make me stand out, " Ayna said, sniffing at the air before remarking, "What is that smell? Your food? How can you eat that?"

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