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   Chapter 120 No.120

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"Eight questions. I shall ask them now, " she said, catching her breath.

"As you wish, " he said, gathering the practice weapons and heading to his hut to replace them. "But be warned. Your third level of training will begin with our next session. It will be by far the most difficult for you, " he said.

"I had imagined as much, " she said.

She pondered for a moment over how best to spend the first of her hard-earned questions. One thought pressed its way past all others.

"I have been told that you first came to this place, and spent a number of years here, over seventy years ago. Now I don't know anything about your kind, but were I to venture a guess, I wouldn't place you at a day past thirty. What's more, my grandmother used to tell me tales of the Red Shadow when I was a little girl. As far as I can tell, you have been active for easily one hundred years. How can that be?" she asked.

"I cannot answer that. I truly do not know, " he said.

"Well, if you cannot answer the question, allow me to rephrase it, " she said. "How long have you been alive? How old are you really?"

"I am not certain of that either. The only age I can offer you is that of the Red Shadow legend. His first victim fell just over one hundred-fifteen years ago. I cannot be sure of the number of years that passed between that day and my birth, and I doubt that there exists anyone that can offer any information to that end, " he said.


ing briefly before continuing.

"Humans and the like are hardly the only creatures imitated. I have seen stony parodies of wolves, worms, and countless others. I believe you may have seen the D'karon version of a dragon. One lay ruined on the ground beside that swordsman, " he said.

"Where have these creatures come from?" she asked.

"Where do any races come from? I have lived for some time and these creatures have been lurking in the background since my earliest days. Perhaps they have been present at least as long as your kind, and have been lucky enough to avoid discovery. The only thing that I know for certain is that they are native to the north. I have spent time south of the battlefront on several occasions and found them to be absent, " he said.

Myranda considered the information as Lain began stretching his legs. He showed little outward sign of the terrible state he'd been in when she found him, but a slight limp still nagged him.

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