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   Chapter 119 No.119

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5623

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Myn seemed to be in reluctant agreement as she licked her lips a few times and sniffed and licked at his hands in a far gentler way than he was accustomed to. The pleasant moment was cut short by a voice that they had been mercifully free from for the past two weeks.

"How lovely, the animals are getting along, " Ayna said.

"Well, what brings you this far from your safe haven?" Deacon asked.

"I have been hearing the elegy wafting through the air with steadily decreasing inaccuracy. It sounds to me that the time of the final test is near, " she said with a smile.

"As I recall, you were eager to postpone that date by no less than a year. Why the sudden change of heart?" Deacon asked.

"I am entitled to test my pupil when I have brought her to the proper level of knowledge, " she said.

"Are you certain I am ready?" Myranda said.

"Reasonably. If not now, then in a few days. Certainly before the week is out, " she said.

"Oh, I see. She will be ready before four weeks are up. That is the amount of time that she took to complete Solomon's training, " Deacon said.

"What a coincidence! Well, the performance of a student speaks well of the teacher, doesn't it? It would be a shame to see that dragon's name alongside hers in the history books without mine above it, " Ayna said.

"So you are willing to treat her with the respect she deserves when you have something to gain from it, " Deacon said.

"If you wish to view it that way, you may. Oh, and, Myranda, my dear, be well-rested when you come to take the test. I expect to break more than one record with your help, " Ayna said, slipping away.

"What do you suppose that means?" Myranda said.

ible speed. It was this third strike, regardless of its origin, that seemed to be far too swift to react to. In her focused state of mind, though, her thoughts could match the speed of the motion, and even get a step ahead. From his position, there was only one way to offer a reasonable offensive. She pulled herself away from the likely target and thrust her weapon toward it with as much speed as she could muster. The staff collided with the blade.

Slowly the blade withdrew and Lain looked upon her with satisfaction. She had succeeded in blocking adequately only once before, and it was clear even to her that it was more through blind luck than skill. This had been different. She had found her way to the block through careful observation. Without another word, Lain attacked again. She blocked the first two blows and reduced the third to a grazing one at best. By the time the session had ended, she had earned no less than a half-dozen questions, sometimes stringing more than six blocks in a row. These new questions, added to the two she'd saved, would put a few of her curiosities well and truly to rest.

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