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   Chapter 118 No.118

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"Well, I don't face Lain again until sundown, with nothing to do until then, " Myranda said.

"I wouldn't recommend doing anything mystic. Something too strenuous could certainly bring that angry expenditure back more quickly, " Deacon warned.

Little did Myranda know, Myn had made the decision for her. She sprinted off to nearest building and scampered to the rooftop. By the time Myranda noticed she had gone, she was already in the air. Myranda scarcely had the time to brace herself for impact before the beast collided with her.

An afternoon of doing so left her fairly bruised, and bleeding here and there from where Myn had gotten a bit careless with her claws. It was nonetheless an entertaining time, and a few moments of a healing spell wiped away the consequences, save a bit of fatigue of both mind and body.

Lain was waiting, as always, when she approached him.

"I am sorry, Lain. I had a rather rough time of it today. I may not be at my best, " she said.

"All the better. I can think of few times that I have been fully rested when I have been expected to defend myself, " he said, tossing her the staff. "Now, prepare yourself."

It was her worst showing since she began. His blows were on target constantly. On the off-chance that she managed to block a shot, the force of it threw her off balance. Several times, she lost her footing and nearly fell into a handful of blows. Thankfully, Lain's reflexes were swift enough for the two of them, and he pulled the weapon away in time. By the time Lain felt she had done enough, Myranda was on the edge of unconsciousness. The outburst she'd had earlier had most certainly made its c

osal that a dragon might like and Myn still ignores or attacks me. Things have become somewhat desperate. Thus, I've ventured into the garden and selected one of each vegetable. Not much to appeal to a carnivore, but it is my last chance, " he said.

While Myn was reluctant to treat Deacon with anything less than suspicion, she did get a bit curious each day when he brought around the latest round of gifts to reject. One by one, he offered carrots and celery and onions. Not surprisingly, the dragon sniffed once or twice and swatted them away. However, when Deacon pulled a large potato from the bag, she sniffed with a bit more interest, and finally took it from his hand, eating eagerly.

"Potatoes?" the pair said confusedly.

When the beast looked up and rooted around in the bag for another, he knew he had found his way into her heart.

"Very well, then, only I give her potatoes. She already likes you, I'm the one that needs help, " he said to Myranda before turning to address the creature directly. "And as for you. For every day you don't hit me, I'll give you one of those. Agreed?"

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