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   Chapter 117 No.117

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"But the rules also call for leniency for a first offense, " Deacon countered.

"Leniency! I do not care if that thing has never made a single misstep in her life! She allowed the darker emotions to empower a spell, and did so while she was disobeying me, using said spell specifically to assault me!" Ayna raged.

"I did not--" Myranda attempted, but the fairy made a fist and she felt the air withdraw from her lungs.

"You prompted it. She was not assaulting you, she was attempting to pass a test that you had sabotaged, " he said.

"How dare you accuse me of sabotaging the test!" Ayna said, aghast.

"The pole is sticking out of the side of your tree and the ball is still attached, " he said.

"I didn't deny sabotaging the test, but you have no right to accuse me of it, " she said.

Myranda's vision was fading as what little air she had left was giving out. As her thrashing slowed, Ayna took notice and opened her fist. The fresh air rushed back into her lungs and brought her back around. When she had caught her breath enough to climb to her feet, she did so.

"What have I done to you to deserve--" Myranda attempted again, only to receive the same treatment.

"For someone renowned for her skill in learning, you certainly are slow to learn when to keep your mouth shut, " Ayna said as the girl fell helplessly to the ground.

"You are the one at fault as much as her, because you know better, " Deacon said.

"Fine. Get the flute and the. . . elegy, I suppose. But I am th

doing a hands-free performance, " she said.

"Right you are, " he said.

The pair finished and left the hut. Myn came trotting up and wedged herself between Myranda and Deacon.

"And where were you? I was attacked and you were nowhere to be found!" Myranda said, jokingly.

The dragon shot a vicious look at Deacon and pounced him to the ground.

"No, no! Not him. He didn't attack me!" Myranda said, pulling the creature off of her friend.

"Well, it would seem that she has gained a fairly firm understanding of the language, " Deacon said, accepting a helping hand from Myranda.

The creature gave Myranda a questioning stare. She clearly was awaiting the identity of the real attacker.

"Well, I am not going to tell you who really did it because I don't want you to get me in any more trouble, " Myranda said.

"And thank you so much for assuming I was the guilty one. I have got to find some way to get on your good side, " Deacon said. "I am going to start bringing you gifts."

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