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   Chapter 116 No.116

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5123

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"Well, well. It would appear that my little pupil has attracted an audience once again, " Ayna said.

"I missed out last time. I just want to see this firsthand. It promises to be quite a spectacle, " he said.

"So is a forest fire, " she said with a sneer, "but if you must stay, keep clear. I will not tolerate interruption."

"I will be a mere shadow, " he said.

"Well then, get to it. Concentrate, " Ayna ordered.

Myranda quickly shut off the world as she had done so many times before. When her mind was prepared, Ayna's voice sounded.

"Eyes open, " she demanded.

"But--" Myranda began.

"I said eyes open. And if I have to repeat myself again, you will learn just how unpleasant being my pupil can be, " she said.

Myranda opened her eyes. Set before her was an array of thin poles, each with a wooden ball perched on its end.

"Now, the purpose of this apparatus should be clear to all but the dimmest of individuals. Therefore, let me explain it to you. You will conjure up a wind and direct it at the poles. If it is of sufficient strength, the ball will fall. I will see to it that no natural breezes give you any help, " Ayna said. "You may close your eyes, provided you can remember which direction is forward."

Myranda closed her eyes and tried to push away the anger Ayna had stirred up with her belittling remarks. The wind came quickly. It was only a breeze at first, but it grew steadily, and before long, she felt that it must be strong enough. She opened her eyes, managing to maintain the s

d in. Some distance away it could be found, embedded in Ayna's tree. Ayna herself was fluttering, stunned, in front of a slight impression in the same tree where she had collided with it. She was plastered with the dirt kicked up by the wind and slowly turning to the tree to survey the damage.

"You had better move. Quickly, " Deacon whispered to her as he led her away.

The fairy lifted a hand without turning. A fierce wind rushed up around Myranda, forcing Deacon away and lifting her from the ground. When she had flitted to the ground beside the flailing girl, she snapped her fingers. The wind cut off, and Myranda fell forcefully to the ground.

"That is all. You are through! I do not want to see you again for a year, " she said.

"Now, Ayna, you cannot do that, " Deacon said, trying to reason with her.

"You know the rules as well as I. That girl used a spell fueled by anger. Such an offense is punishable by whatever means I see fit. You should be glad I do not choose to kill her, " Ayna said.

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