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   Chapter 115 No.115

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5668

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The sun was nearing the horizon.

"Lain! I have to get to training!" she said.

"I'm afraid so, " he said.

Myranda rushed off to her hut, with Myn trudging as quickly as she could to keep up. She retrieved the quarterstaff and hurried to where Lain was waiting.

"Myn is learning to fly. I lost track of time, " Myranda explained as the tired dragon collapsed beside her.

"I know. It is a difficult spectacle to miss. Never mind the quarterstaff--take this, " he said, tossing her a shorter, stouter rod.

"What is this?" she asked.

"That is roughly what you will be given when you have finished your wizard training, minus the crystal. It is the weapon that you are most likely to make use of in the future. It is also the second weapon I have decided to teach you, " he said.

"Very well, " she said.

"Today, I will attack, and you will defend, " Lain said.

"You will attack? I have been catching Myn all day. I am not sure I can take many hits, " she said.

Lain took a wooden training sword from the rack behind him. With a swift slash, he brought the weapon to within an inch of the girl's neck before she could react. There it stopped without touching her.

"If my weapon comes as close as this, you can consider yourself killed, " he said.

"And how do I earn a question?" she asked.

"If you manage to block three attacks in a row, I will allow you one question, " he said.

After a brief explanation of the differences in the usage of the staff as opposed to the quarterstaff, he instructed her to prepare herself, and they began. Had she more energy, Myn would have viciously objected to the violent display. Instead, she cast a weary eye on the proceedin

ght when she nearly killed the nearest thing she had to a living relative. In her nightmare she'd seen the face of one of the injured soldiers. It was her father. She knew it couldn't be true, that her mind was playing tricks, but that hardly mattered.

Thoughts raced through her head. Trigorah had worked with her father, and she was now an Elite. Could her father have been an Elite as well? It would explain why he was away so often. . . and since the Elites were so secret and important an organization he could still be alive today, and she would never know. A brief flash of happiness at the thought vanished when she realized that Trigorah knew her, and if her father was still alive, he most certainly have been informed. He would have come for her if he was still living as a member of the Elites. Unless he was ashamed, or. . . there was no time for such thoughts.

Myranda gathered her things and headed to Ayna's place while Myn trotted off to be with Solomon. As usual, the fairy was up and about, impatiently waiting for her student to arrive. A smile came to her face as she noticed that Deacon was there, too.

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