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   Chapter 113 No.113

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"Wouldn't that make magic all the easier to use?" she asked.

"Not as such. You can think of a well-refined crystal as a mirror. Quite useful. A cluster of small, rough crystals is like a broken mirror. It does nothing but distort and confuse things. As a result, save for very small, simple spells, any magic directed at the mountain or in the mountain falls apart quite quickly. There are theories we have developed that could conceivably offer a solution to the dilemma, but few are interested enough in leaving this place to develop them much, " he explained.

"Ah. . . What are you up to?" she asked.

"Scribing, as usual, " he said.

"What exactly?" she asked.

"The analysis of an efficient method of illusionary motion synchronization and appearance duplication, " he said without looking up.

"Pardon?" she said, bewildered.

"Oh, I am sorry. I am required to phrase things in that way when I record them. What it is, is. . . well, let me show you, " he said.

Deacon stood and took his crystal in hand.

"Now, for the duration of this demonstration, you will be able to recognize me as the one with the crystal. Ahem. . . most wizards have at least a basic understanding of illusion. They use a method that gives this result, " he said.

Beside him a second Deacon appeared, indistinguishable from the first. It began to speak.

"As you can see, this produces an admirable result. It can look like, sound like, or be whatever I desire, " the copy said. As it mentioned the different possibilities of appearance, sound,

far greater and far darker toll in exchange for their aid. Hence the gnarled appearance of the darker wizards and witches we hear of in children's stories, " he said.

"I see, " she said. "Couldn't you solve the problem of your art seeming to be a lie by making it the truth? Couldn't actually make the things appear?"

"In theory, yes, but that would not solve our problem at all. We can change things from one form or substance to another with enough effort, but to summon objects is strictly forbidden, " he said.

"Why?" she asked.

"It is fundamental to the rules that govern this place. All areas may be studied, but some may not be practiced. Chief among them are time travel and summoning or manifesting. Time travel has consequences that no one can fully comprehend, and is thus too dangerous to consider, and summoning. . . well. When you summon, you may accidentally or purposely draw something from another world. That is unacceptable. Things of this world belong here; things from elsewhere do not, " he said.

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