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   Chapter 112 No.112

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Myranda stood silent. Solomon very seldom gave any critique, good or bad. As a result, what little words of encouragement he did give were truly meaningful. Ayna, it would seem, felt almost obligated to qualify any compliment by hiding it in an insult.

"Don't just stand there slack-jawed. You have got a long way to go, " Ayna said.

Myranda complied. This time her anger slowed the trance even further. Over the course of nearly an hour, she cast enough of her will into the air around her to match her previous achievement.

"That will do; now, open your eyes and I will show you where to direct it, " Ayna instructed.

Myranda slowly opened her eyes, but she had not attained firm enough a grasp of this new magic to permit her mind to withstand this distraction. The wind instantly subsided. The strain of flexing this new mystic muscle suddenly became apparent, as an intense dizziness took the place of focus. She stumbled forward, failing to catch herself on with her staff and dropping to the ground.

"Endurance, girl, endurance. What good does it do to take your first steps so quickly if you stop before you get anywhere?" Ayna said with frustration.

"I am sorry. Let me. . . try again, " Myranda said, struggling to her feet.

"No, go. It is obvious we will not get any further today. Just be sure to be better prepared next time. Make sure you rest. I will not be so patient tomorrow, " Ayna warned.

As Myranda shuffled wearily away, Ayna fluttered back to her tree, twittering in

zzy, " she said.

"A few minutes of meditation will take the edge off of that, " he said.

"I would rather just rest for a bit, " she said. "It is not very serious. I only need enough wit about me to face Lain tonight."

"Very well. You have been at this long enough to know what you need, " he said, putting pen to page again at his desk.

Myranda sat silently for a bit, listening to the distant rumble of the falls.

"Deacon, " she said.

"Yes, " he replied, without looking up.

"You say that no one can leave because of the falls, " she said.

"That is indeed true, " he assured her.

"But the most skilled wizards in the world are here, aren't they? Surely someone could find a way around the waterfall problem, " she said.

"Were this any other place, I can assure you that such would be so. However, the selfsame crystal that makes casting so much easier for us is present in scattered clusters throughout these mountains and all along the cliffside, " he said, flipping a page.

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