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   Chapter 108 No.108

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4680

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Myranda sat silently in the bed. She had heard the tales. The tales of the Chosen. It was a favorite bedtime story. She had pictured the Chosen as the pristine and perfect knights that populated all of the other tales. Now Lain could be one? How?

"You say if you are able to summon the strength. . . there is doubt?" Myranda said insistently.

"The night of the blue moon is a night of high magic, to be sure, and we are quite likely the greatest wizards in this world. That having been said, the mystic creature will be one of monumental strength, and we shall be tasked with creating its physical form from nothing. There is no telling if there is strength enough in the world to succeed, " Deacon stated.

"This ceremony to summon the Chosen. May anyone be a part of it?" Myranda asked.

"Anyone may observe. In fact, the Elder specifically requested that you and the others do so--but participation is limited to full Masters of war or the elements. The rite is a dangerous one. A lesser level of training would leave one at great risk, " he explained.

Shortly after, Deacon left her to get her rest, the revelations he'd spoken of churning in her mind.


It took another day for Myranda to recover completely from the overexertion of the test. During that time, she received several angry visits from Ayna, the air wizard who was to be Myranda's second trainer. She reminded Myrand

stiny would dictate, and I know that you are not a tournament fighter as you said you were. For my first question, I want to know what you really do, " she said.

"Are you certain? I warn you, you will not like the answer, " he said.

"I assure you, I like the mystery even less, " she said.

"Very well. I am an assassin. As a matter of fact, you are quite familiar with my exploits, " she said.

"Why would. . . no, " she said as the answer dawned on her. "You are the Red Shadow!"

Lain nodded.

"That is impossible--he is a man, " she said.

"A man who killed a wolf with his bare hands and wears the bloody skull as a helmet, " he said. "I started that rumor myself. If I was seen, I couldn't risk being recognized as a malthrope. Your kind would more easily let a mass murderer slip through your fingers than one of my kind. So if the gossip speaks of a man with a red wolf helmet, that it what people will see."

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