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   Chapter 107 No.107

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5478

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"Actually, two and a half. You may have given a bit more than you should have to pass that test, " he said.

"But I passed?" she said.

"Flawlessly, " he remarked. "Your place is secured in our records. You have gone from zero knowledge to mastery of a magic in one month. I doubt such a feat will be matched ever again."

"I am honored, " she said.

"It is I who should be honored. Stay here. I will fetch you some food. When I return, I must discuss something with you that is of great importance, " he said, hurrying off before she could object.

He returned to her with a bowl of the same stew and a loaf of the same bread that she had eaten every day since she arrived, save for the days that Myn would share some of her fish. He handed it to her and pulled out a book. It was not the one he usually carried. Instead, it was much older. As she ate, he spoke to her.

"When you were telling me about yourself, I was intrigued by your mark on your hand. It was familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. When I discovered that Lain had the same mark, I decided to look into it. I would like to read you a bit of this, " he said.

"All right, " she said.

He pulled open the cover and carefully flipped to a point near the center of the book and began to read.

"'A matter of land. Death too far south brings war. The three lands of the north join. The line is drawn. Generations fall to the blade of the enemy, '" he says.

"Why are you reading me a history of the war?" she asked.

It was a tale known to depressingly few, but the conflict that would become the Perpetual War began when, during meeting of the continent

ean that the leader of the Chosen was the one you came upon. If that is true then. . . the Chosen will not be complete and. . . the end of the war will not come, " he said.

"But how can we be sure?" she asked.

"There is a way. The other three Chosen are described as well. One is an artistic prodigy, skilled in all that she puts her hands to. Another is a cunning strategist and tracker. Finally, a mystic being of unimaginable might, awaiting the day that the words of the others coax a return to the physical realm.

"Soon there will be a blue moon. On that night the mystic energies will be at their highest. That is the night that we have made it our tradition to attempt to summon this legendary being, but without the voice of a Chosen, our attempts have always been met with failure. Lain was never made a part of the ceremony in his time here, but we will see that he is this time. If he is involved. . . and we are able to summon the strength. . . the mystic creature will return. If the being appears, then we will know for certain that a Chosen is among us, " Deacon said.

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