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   Chapter 106 No.106

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5139

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"Well. . ." she began. "Between desertions, casualties, people turning rat, and all of the arrests. . . membership is down."

"How far down?" Kel asked, glancing again to the door.

"We're it, " Tus stated, his eyes on the updated roster.

"Well, not quite, but soon. I suppose we only were able to exist because the Blues didn't consider us a threat. . . now they do, " she said.

"About time, " said Tus.

"Heh. Yes. At least they are taking us seriously now. Kel, there's too much going on now. My brother Henry is the one giving Wolloff his supplies. If the Elites are still prowling around in Ravenwood. . . I would just feel better with a hand that is a bit firmer on a sword doing the job. I want you to see to Wolloff, " Caya said.

"Yes, Wolloff. Where is he exactly?" he asked.

Caya hesitated. By virtue of his status as perhaps the only white wizard not in the employ of the Alliance Army, Wolloff's exact location was a closely guarded secret. Caya, Tus, and Caya's younger brother Henry were the only ones who knew, besides those that he trained. The field healers tended to have a rather short life expectancy, due to their tendency to attempt to desert after receiving their training, and Tus's tendency to silence them when such an attempt was made. Thus it was highly likely that no one captured had been able to supply that particular piece of information. As such, someone eager to become a valued informant to the Alliance Army would be particularly interested in that fact.

"He is. . ." Caya began.


, and Tus did the same. Prison offered the chance of escape. The same could not be said for death.


Myranda tried to focus herself. Slowly, she felt the darkness lessen. Sensations returned to her. She opened her eyes. It was night, Myn asleep on top of her. She managed to turn her eyes to the side, where she spotted Deacon in a chair beside the bed, also asleep. Her eyes lifted in time to see a dark form vanish from the window. Lain? She tried to move, causing Myn to stir. The dragon caught a glimpse of the girl's fluttering eyes lids and sprang to her feet, still on top of her. Myn looked to the sleeping Deacon and gave a sharp lash with her tail, jerking him to wakefulness.

"What, what?" he said, before gathering his wits enough to realized that Myranda was awake. "Thank heavens."

"What is wrong?" Myranda asked.

"We lost you for two days. I was afraid we might have another Hollow on our hands, " he said.

"Two days. I was asleep for two days?" she said, scratching her head and sitting up.

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