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   Chapter 103 No.103

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"Why? I thought that she had merely sought out the only thing that had a heartbeat, " Myranda said.

"I am sure she did, but a dragon, even at birth, is quite capable of identifying others of its kind. There are times that a parent cannot be present at the time of the hatching. When that happens, wounded prey is left as food for the creatures. When Myn found you sleeping, this is what she should have seen you as. Instead, she saw you as a guardian. A protector, as well as something to be protected. She chose you. We dragons see more of the world than what our eyes show us. We know things. She saw something in you that day, and I see it as well, " he said.

"But what? What did you see?" she asked.

"It cannot be put into words, " he answered, "but I can tell you this: she sees it in Lain as well, " he said. "And he too was present at her birth."

"Lain? The malthrope!? He was there!?" she said.

"Certainly. But that alone would not explain her attachment to him. He too has the spark. I can see it quite clearly. It is stronger than yours. Were he willing, I would have taken him as my pupil all of those years ago. But enough questions. Return at sundown, " Solomon said, settling back down for sleep.

"Yes, thank you, I will, " she said, leaving the hut.

Myranda marched out of the hut and directly to the stand of trees where she had found the malthrope the day before. He was nowhere to be found, but there were tracks from Myn, who must have checked here as well. Carefully, she followed them. They led further into the Warrior's Side.

Entering it alone made Myranda su

endured, a meal would have been welcome, but there was no time now. She made a quick visit to her hut to retrieve her casting staff and stow her quarter staff before hurrying to Solomon.

The dragon greeted her and put her immediately to work. After the trance was achieved, she was instructed in the method of "bending the will of the fire." The training was mercifully less taxing, calling for more detailed manipulation, as opposed to the marathon usage of the day before. She learned how to shape the fire and carefully regulate the heat and light it created.

Solomon seemed pleased with her progress. As a final task before parting for the night, Solomon had her conjure a flame from nothingness, as he had done for her previously. When she managed to do so, he informed her that her training for the night was through and that she should get some rest.

"At this rate, you will be offered the final test of fire before the week is out, " Deacon said, having appeared while she was entranced.

"Thank you, " she said, using her staff to get to her feet.

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