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   Chapter 102 No.102

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5458

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"So they have been sending wizards to the front lines. I've been telling Bagu that a few well-placed magic-users could make an enormous difference, " Trigorah said. "How have they been fairing?"

"Adequately. Status quo. Regardless, they've got me on a new project now. I'll be helping Demont and Epidime with something. Something major. . ." the general rambled.

This was almost certainly why Teht was not given the same level of seniority as the other generals. She had a habit of speaking vaguely about things that were clearly intended to be high-level secrets. It showed a staggering lack of military discipline that often made Trigorah wonder how she could have ascended to such a position.

"So I shall be spending my time in that mountain fort Demont keeps. You know the one. I shall have my own underlings. This is what I have been waiting for!" Teht continued.

"I am pleased to hear it. When you were at the front line, did--" Trigorah pressed, eager for fresh news.

"Never mind that. I've got your new orders here. I'd say they'll be keeping you busy. Epidime will be loaning this fort to you so that you can carry them out. I believe you'll be getting a few of the wagons and your pick of the latest set of draftees to patch up the holes in your Elites, " she interjected. She handed Trigorah a thick bundle of pages.

"Elites are drawn from veterans, not--" Trigorah began.

"Yes, yes. Whatever the source, you have your pick. I'm off, " she said, raising her staff.

Before Trigorah could object, Teht spoke a sequence of arcane words. Recognizing them, General Teloran hurried through the door and close

as a large, clear gem that looked to have been pulled directly from the ground without the benefit of a gem-cutter's chisel. The room had the same earthy smell that she had found curious in the cave where Myn was found. Myranda tapped him. The creature's eye pulled slowly open and identified the intruder.

"It is not yet time for your training, " he managed without lifting his head.

"This isn't about my training. It is about me. Why did you choose me?" she asked.

"You will have time for questions later, " he said, closing his eyes.

"No! Please, I need to know now, " Myranda begged.

He opened his eyes and craned his long neck into a more attentive position.

"It was intuition. Partly my own, but mostly Myn's, " he said before a long, silent yawn that gave Myranda a clear view of his teeth.

"Myn's?" Myranda asked.

"You claim to have been present at the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the creature's birth. After speaking with her, I believe that this is so. The fact that you are alive today speaks of something that is special about you, " he said.

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