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   Chapter 101 No.101

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5280

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"There, you see? It isn't in you to hurt another. Just as it isn't in me to reveal myself. If you truly expect me to betray who I am and tell what you wish, then I expect you to do the same, " he said. "That is fair."

"You are cruel, " she said.

"I am just. And to prove it, I will offer you a second chance. Show up for training tomorrow. I will be your opponent. For every solid blow that you land, I will answer a single question, " he said.

"I don't want to hurt you, " she said.

"I doubt that you could, even if you wanted to. But if you do not wish to receive my training, then have that obsequious wizard of yours tell the Elder that you waive your right, " he said.

Myranda turned away in disgust and left the creature behind. After a dozen or so steps, the lack of constant clicking footsteps behind her drew her attention. As she looked back to find Myn, in the darkness of the trees, she could just barely make out malthrope crouching, scratching the dragon's head. A moment later, he seemed to vanish from sight and the dragon came prancing to her side. Myranda crouched to scratch her head as well.

"I wish I could see him as you do, " she whispered.

The sun was beginning to rise, which, in her new routine, meant soon it would be time for bed. After a swift detour to Deacon's hut to affirm that he indeed was asleep, Myranda found herself with time to herself without her guide. She walked about, trying to clear her head before she retired for the evening. Here and there, a curious villager would stop to speak with her, sometimes willingly spea

unique among the other generals in that Trigorah did not dread dealing with her. This was partially due to the fact that General Teht, despite having been a general at the time Trigorah was promoted, was not granted the same royal privilege that the other generals enjoyed. As a result, Teht was Trigorah's one fellow general that could not give her orders. Another reason was that she was, in many ways, Trigorah's mystic counterpart, sent to the far corners of the kingdom on tasks not unlike her own.

"Well, on this occasion I am most appreciative, as I've something quite exciting that I need to be off to. After all of these blasted trips south, I've finally been given something important to do, " Teht declared enthusiastically.

"South? You've been south? How far?" Trigorah asked.

"Far enough. It seems as though that is the only place they send me. And always for the same reasons. Training. Give these spells to the casters on the front lines. Go have a word with that necromancer we've got down there. . ." Teht wearily complained.

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