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   Chapter 99 No.99

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5198

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When her eyes opened, the change was remarkable. She almost felt normal, as though the training had not occurred. It was difficult to say precisely how long the meditation had taken, but Myn was asleep on the ground beside her, meaning it had been at least a number of minutes. She looked across to Deacon. He sat cross-legged on the chair, his hands folded about his crystal, and his head down. As she stood, now steady enough to forgo the staff for aid, the dragon stirred and gave an angry stare at the still-present intruder. Myranda shook her head and decided to pull Deacon from the meditation as well.

"Deacon. Deacon, I am finished, thank you. It was quite helpful, " she said.

The young man did not stir at all.

"Deacon?" she called.

In answer, Deacon released a raking snore and rolled his head slightly to the side. Myranda chuckled. She knew he needed sleep. Myn backed away cautiously at the noise, then moved in close to investigate. As the dragon realized that Deacon was asleep, she decided upon a proper method to wake him. She opened her mouth, ready to deliver a motivating bite on the leg.

"Myn, no!" Myranda reprimanded. "Deacon is my friend. He is not going to hurt me or even try to, so you really should be nicer to him."

The dragon let a short, sharp puff of air out of her nostrils and took on a sulky demeanor. Partly because she was scolded, but mostly because this meant she would have to share Myranda's attentions with another. This was something Myn was becoming very impatient with. Deacon's crystal slipped

motioned for her to stop. She studied the tree, which seemed awfully healthy for the time of year. If not for the unnaturally pleasant weather in this place, the tree would be a sparse husk.

"I have a student here for you, " Deacon called into the near-pitch-black branches.

"No, " answered an all-too-familiar voice.

"You know that when you were sworn as a Master, you were to take on at least one apprentice in order to pass on some small part of your knowledge. It is our way, " Deacon reminded him.

"Not her, " the voice said, startling all but the dragon by coming from behind them. Both humans turned quickly to see the malthrope casting a vicious look at Deacon.

Considering that such a short time ago he was near death, he was in remarkable condition, though from his posture, some injuries were still nagging him. His clothes were the same tunic as most of the others, but his was black. In the darkness of the night, sheltered by the shadows of the trees, he could take two steps back and disappear from sight.

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