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   Chapter 98 No.98

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"Do not manipulate your essence as a whole. Separate a part of it, " his voice directed.

Slowly, she willed some small part of the power she felt within her away from the whole.

"Now. Sense the power that the fire feeds on. You must feed the fire, " he said.

With her new, clearer view of the energy, Myranda could certainly detect the power being drawn into the flame. Though manipulating her own energy was still new and unpredictable to her, she tried and tried until she found the swirling ball of spirit changing its nature, becoming more like that which the flame yearned for.

"Excellent, now bring it to the flame, " he said.

With the merest thought, she guided her mystic concoction to the flame and was nearly startled out of concentration. The fire leapt up, many times its size and many more times its heat. At the same time, she felt an odd draw on her essence. It was a unique feeling, to be losing this strength that only the day before she did not know she had. The draw was steadily growing more intense as the fire shrunk. By the time the burden stabilized, the fire was barely more than an ember floating in the air.

"The flame is yours now. Do not lose it, " he ordered.

Myranda pushed herself to provide more. Almost imperceptibly, the flame began to return. In time, it returned to the size the dragon had conjured. Maintaining the size of the fire was unbearable, like carrying some vast weight. Not only her mind and spirit, but all of her body seemed taxed by it. Beads of sweat formed at her temples, her hands began to shake.

The dr

he essences around her.

Before her, she could see the strong pure light of Deacon's spirit. Weaker, but still pure, was Myn, beside her. The spirits of the wizards and warriors of this place speckled her mind in a galaxy of different hues and intensities. In the distance, she sensed one that was different. She focused on it. This new way of detecting the world was different from seeing, though. She "saw" all around her. Above, below, behind, each and every direction was visible to her at once, with distance seeming inconsequential.

As she trained her mind on the peculiar essence in the distance, it seemed to draw nearer and grow more distinct. It was subdued. Intense and yet restrained, as if consciously reined in and pushed down. On the surface, it appeared no more powerful than the others, but deep beneath there was a fundamental strength that seemed to continue inward eternally. It could only be Lain.

After a time, she decided she had recovered enough, pulling her mind from its focus and lifting herself from the meditation.

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