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   Chapter 97 No.97

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5654

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Myranda shook her head in amazement.

"Unbelievable. With each passing moment, I realize how much less I know about him than I thought. And now I am fairly trapped in the same town as he, and I cannot even catch a glimpse of him, let alone get him to speak, " she said.

"This really means a lot to you, " he said.

"I trusted him. I just want to know what manner of person betrayed that trust. I just want to know that there is something about him that is as good and pure as the person he claimed to be, " she said.

"I won't lie to you. Between his skills and his seniority here, if he does not wish to see you, he won't, " Deacon lamented.

"I've come to realize that, " she said.

"He need only answer to the Elder at this point, " Deacon said.

Myranda finished her meal as Deacon, having already choked his down as quickly as possible, waited impatiently. The moment she was finished, he led her off in the direction of a cluster of huts on the other side of the village--as always with Myn in tow. Outside of the huts were piles of wood cut to all variety of sizes. The smoke belching out of the chimney of one hut could have only meant that it was the blacksmith's, while another hut, the one that they were to enter, merely had longer, more slender pieces of wood outside to hint at its purpose. Inside was rather well-lit against the now stiff darkness of the night by the array of crystals that not only lined the walls, but lined shelves and display cases as well.

A man and a woman, each so like the other that they could only be spouses or siblings, could be found inside. Each wore an odd pair of lenses mounted on stalks on their heads. The woman was at the back

place and readied his book. Myn gave a dragonish greeting to her fellow creature before taking her seat faithfully beside Myranda. With the crystal of the staff on the ground in front of her, she awaited the flame to be conjured before her. No sooner had it been done than she slipped swiftly into the trance.

With the aid of the crystal, it took a fraction of the time that it had taken the day before. Everything about it was more vivid. Sensing the essence of the flame and of her own spirit before had been like flailing in the dark in comparison. Now she could sense things about the strange energy she had been oblivious to the night before. It was as though they had a color and a texture that she had missed last time. What's more, they were not alone. Every inch of her surroundings had a power to it. The air, the earth, and particularly the other people. As her gaze strayed from the flame, she marveled at the galaxy of different auras that surrounded the people of the village. When Solomon began prompting her to do so, she tried to manipulate her own power and found its reactions to be a degree more intense.

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