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   Chapter 96 No.96

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5170

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"What is wrong, little one?" Myranda asked.

Myn took another long smell and looked longingly into the distance. It didn't take long for Myranda to figure out what the creature wanted.

"You want to spend some time with him, " Myranda said.

Myn seemed to give a quite spirited answer to the affirmative. The little dragon had been quite affectionate to Leo when they were traveling together. It was only natural she would desire his company in this place.

"He cannot be trusted, you know. He lied to me and did terrible things, " Myranda warned.

The dragon was unswayed.

"Go, " Myranda said.

She had not even finished the syllable before Myn disappeared out the window and scampered off. Myranda pulled herself from the bed and closed the window. When she returned to the bed, she dropped quickly off into a dreamless sleep. Usually she would have been disappointed to be without dreams, but judging from the horrible nightmares she had been having, this was a blessing.


Myranda's eyes opened heavily to the fading rays of the sun as they flowed through the open window. Myn had managed to pull the shutters open and let herself in, or she had been helped. At any rate, she had nestled atop Myranda at some time during the day.

The girl rose from bed and dressed. Fresh clothes were a welcome change to the life she had been living of late, though pulling on her worn boots was all too familiar. She briefly considered asking for something better, but so much had been done for her already, she decided against it.


e is no coincidence, his disposition was strikingly similar to that of your friend prior to your discovery of his deception. He was a human, and has since passed on, " Deacon said.

"I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. All else had been a lie, why not that as well?" she said. A thought came to her mind. "Why are there so few that remember him?"

"That is another thing I was puzzled about. Your friend completed several years of training and left this place seventy years ago, roughly, " he said.

"Seventy? No, that is impossible. I cannot tell precisely how old he is, but he does not look old by any means, " she said.

"Oh, on this there can be no doubt. It is one of the few things about him that we have recorded, " he said.

"But how can you be sure it was his record you found, " she asked.

"It was labeled 'Unnamed Lain, ' and bore his description. Also, the two wizards and three warriors who remember him all quote that as the approximate time, " he said. "He is also the only malthrope we have trained."

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