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   Chapter 95 No.95

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4929

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"Drink this, " he said as he handed her the cup.

Myranda took the cup and carefully put it to her lips. The flavor was powerfully bitter, though after the long, cool night the warmth felt good going down. Almost immediately, she felt her mind clearing. It was as though a fog in her mind was being lifted. A few more sips and she felt almost herself again.

"This is incredible. What is it?" she asked him.

"A special tea made from the leaves of a plant that bears seed only during a full moon, " he said as he opened his book and flipped to a blank page.

"I feel as though I could endure another night of training, " she said.

"You may feel that way, but the tea only restores your mind, not your mana. Your spirit is still spent. To restore that, you would need the seeds of the plant, or more so its dew, " he said, carefully adding a heading to the page that prominently bore Myranda's name.

"Will I be taking this tea after every training session?" she asked.

"I am afraid not. As a rule, it is best to recover naturally, " he said.

"Then why have you given this to me now?" she asked.

"Because I am a profoundly impatient man at times, " he said.

"Impatient for what?" she asked.

"Knowledge about you, " he said.

"Why me?" she asked.

"Simple. Your performance today. I have seen people who have had three years of training and were happy with what you have managed. You have had only three months! Such a natural predisposition toward

story and compare it to our notes on prodigies. Also, I will see to it that when you awaken you will have a crystal. Would you like it in an amulet as before, or in a staff? As a beginner, I would recommend the staff. It will give you something to lean on, " he said.

"Whatever you think is best, " she said.

"Excellent, " he repeated, as he walked eagerly off to his work.

"Wait! Don't you ever sleep?" she asked.

"Not if I can avoid it. Tremendous waste of time, " he said.

Myranda trudged wearily to the hut she had been provided with, dragon in tow. She pushed open the door and readied herself for bed. When she had climbed in, Myn joined her as always, but she did not go to sleep as she usually did. She had, after all, been sleeping most of the night while Myranda was busy with her training. For several minutes, she fidgeted and shifted restlessly. Finally, she took a long sniff at the air and jumped down from the bed and pushed open the window shutters.

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